CryptoAlex “A Wave Of Money”

A giant wave of money is coming to the crypt space. Many people knew this, what was not known however was how this money would be integrated in this new asset class. This information however is starting to take shape.

The first fortune 500 company to invest an important sum of money in the crypto world was Facebook. Sure micro strategy was the first company to invest so much capital in BTC but Michael Saylor’s creation isn’t big enough to be counted as a big whale in the world of finance.

Facebook obviously is, however it’s approach of building its crypto projects from scratch have been so far a giant money pit where the hole seems never ending. Just look at LIBRA it’s first cryptocurrency, that was shut down. Now they are looking at the meta verse. Yes the idea is good however the way they did it clearly so far isn’t inspiring people to join the project.

The population if given the chance would much rather invest in a decentralized product where there is at least a very good chance their personal data won’t be sold to the highest bidding marketing company.

Now is the time to look at other major tech companies. They want to invest in the idea of crypto. It is after all the next evolution in their domaine. I really do think they preferred being on the sideline and wait to see how they will invest their money, like a general overlooking the battlefield before war.

Let us look first at Amazon and its association with Avalanche. What is so interesting for me is the fact that Amazon took a different approach to Facebook. Instead of creating their product they are adopting or integrating an existing product that already works very well. As a general they are not only looking at what major players are doing but also how well the start up projects are working. For that you need time. Only time will tell if the project works. In the case of Avalanche it is a proven layer 1 project.

A layer 1 means that it is a competitor with Ethereum. Do not forget that in the beginning of the internet everyone thought that netscape was going to be the dominant search engine for the world wide web. Well actually I was sure Netscape was going dominate since it was the first mainly used engine. Then out of no where came yahoo and then literally in no time came google and it is history…

So Avalanche will be integrated in the Amazon AWS. It makes absolute sense as every thing is in the cloud now and out there. However the digital revolution needs more protection and its best method of protection is cryptography, it has now been proven that blockchain cryptography is the way to go.

In the next article I will be going over another major company to enter the crypto world and that is Blackrock.