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Following the market with great excitement and due diligence. We look at getting your message out and manage your companies social media content as well as put out feelers. Wonder why your stock is down even with good PR, we verify “the buzz” and if shorters are knocking your stock in chatrooms, groups etc across social media, we extend our reach across multiple platforms, you would be surprised at what we find.

Servicing the world to make sure your needs are met, with social media advertising! 

With the rise of online retail investors in 2020, social media became a hub of the go to money making machine, we can see it clearly with meme stocks putting short companies on the chopping block, increase wealth in cryptos, NFT’s and Metaverse, we utilize the new way of investing education/information with our YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcast, Rumble, Twitter, GETTR, Parley, Clubhouse, Twitch, to name a few…and create articles, we then have our own in house delivery system, we are also able to get the word out to investing companies and banks.


Social Media Verification

We scour the internet and all investing groups form Facebook groups, investors hub, Stocktwits, stockhouse, Twitch, Yahoo finance boards, CNBC Boards and so on to get “the feel on the street”, this is a highly important step in order to set up a tailored method of attack as we call it coupled with the YouTube and Article verification.

Social Media Presence

We are in every major social media platform, we don’t play politics, we look for investors or people that will ad value to your company, we set the record straight for those trying to negatively affect your company, we also put out feelers.

YouTube Verification

We verify and go through all Youtube interviews and content put up on your company as well as any podcasts you may have done.

Social Media Mass Exposure!

We will interview the CEO, do updates, have live interviews in chatrooms, Discord or Twitters Spaces, create Video’s on YOUTUBE and Podcasts on Spotify and Apple* and create articles to keep the momentum going through every major social media platform left or right, our goal is mass exposure to find investors. It doesn’t end there, our marketing team continues the work, there’s also the trending ad placements for your company and whispers, great for Mass Exposure!

Articles and Website Verification

We verify all news releases and articles writte on your company and verify all links to your website or errors that need to be fixed or important updates that need to be made.

Exclusive Delivery Method

We took one full year to create a delivery method that is able to reach a vast audience spanning all our Social Media Platforms with Global reach! Our methodology is exposure, we are able to get the word to trending investment socialites, major investment companies and banks.


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