Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

The featured pic should say it all as Corey Perry lies on the ice with his nose ripped open of a high swing batting of the puck attempt which should have been called a major, I have a hard time believing that the official didn’t see the play as his job is to watch the play especially where the puck is and in this case, the puck was in the air and Vegas tried swatting it resulting in a dangerous high stick bat to the face of Corey Perry as the official watches on.

As the play continues, you can still see the official looking at Perry on the ground as the play continues away from Perry.

We can see the referee looking at the play
Puck is in the air, non intentional hit to Perry as the swing was to bat the puck out of the air, this high stick and injury is a major penalty, as we must always control our stick, referee is looking at the play!
We can see Corey Perry’s head jerk back from the impact and we can also see the referee looking at the play and once again in that exact vicinity!
We can see Corey Perry hitting the ice and going for his face as the puck is leaving the area as play developed, refers is not watching the puck but is watching Perry!
The Play is well developing away from the sprawling Perry as the referee is no longer watching the play but continues to watch Corey Perry lying on the ice!
Game is continuing away from the scene and the referee continues to watch Corey Perry on the ice!

This is absolute cray cray right here (for us older ones with grown up kids that’s new lingo for Crazy), when Corey Perry lifts himself off the ice we can see the damage is real!

Corey Perry in disbelief of the no call as he is required stitches for a dangerous high stick to the face

This isn’t the only call that was missed, how about the hit on Lehkonnen, right on the numbers that sends him face first into the boards!

Play is developing and an experienced referee is saying the possibility of a numbers hit!
How much more on the numbers do you need more than that as referee looks on!
Lehkonnen goes head first into the boards but manages to absorb the blow as referee looks on!

Look the issue here is consistency; when a questionable call is going to happen as Paccioretty intentionally holding Lehkonnen stick to draw a hooking penalty or a side push being called a numbers hit was just incredible to see, lets hope we can see some consistent officiating here because with YouTube and Social media being the way it is, we can stop videos in full HD clarity and do close ups frame by frame to find out what we need to find out!

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By Aidan Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports Blog.