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Betweenplays Stockmarket insight, is a Stockmarket Entertainment Channel/blog that is running on multiple social media platforms, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we own Cloudmd shareholders group and Canadian and American Stock ideas as well as Safemoon “el Presidente” accounts…

Betweenplays Motto: Research Prepare/Plan ExecuteSTAY STRONG!

Betweenplays analyses stocks and the macro and microeconomic generalities of the world in relation to Markets; we give our opinion based on presented facts given by the company and other sources, our articles are based on those facts and in the end we give our opinion, but it is exactly that, opinions, it is up to you to do your own research and Due Diligence before taking on any investment!

Betweenplays YouTube will have guest speakers starting soon!

Betweenplays remains an entertainment channel and all Potential investments should be researched by the individual as we are only giving our opinions and cannot be held responsible as our analyses is not prophetic made by oracles or professionals but from simple backyard barbecue laymen, seek professional financial advise when in doubt!