Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

This week’s stock review comes from the tech sector, more specifically the semiconductor Industry. The company I’ve chosen to highlight is AMD: NASDAQ, click here for stock information on TMX Money.

It’s 11.3 thousand employees have spent over 50 years forging a path followed by many in the business of micro processors.

In advance of trying to showcase a few reasons why you may want to give this stock a second glance, it is worth noting that the company Advanced Micro Devices, recently made no less than 5 senior level promotions.

Dr. Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD, explained,” Our high performance products and long term roadmaps have placed AMD on a significant growth trajectory. Alligning and expanding our senior leadership team around our highest priority growth opportunities, will continue the momentum we have built across our business in 2021 and beyond.”


With over 50 years leading in innovation of high performance computing, graphics and visualisation tech, AMD stays perpetually linked and interwoven with the ever expanding gaming market. 

How SARS Covid19 is driving the industry in unprecedented ways

However, in the current pandemic of covid19, it becomes more and more apparent that the future of the human race, includes a narrative of some type, in which we all stay home a significant amount more than we ever have in history, thereby becoming more and more reliant on computer technology to work, game, and socialize.

Rotating curfews and all out lockdowns have forced a myriad of the global population to crash course themselves into modern tech. The only other choice being to become totally forgotten and ignored in a world where personal face to face conversations dwindle quickly. 

In person interactions now ranging from frowned upon to “illegal”, the tech which fuels and is the core of our computers is increasingly more and more vital and important.

If there is anyone of the opinon that microprocessors and similiar tech are not the base for ANY future technological advancements, then perhaps you may wish to stop reading this opinion article and pick up the latest Harry Potter book for some quality fiction. 

Upcoming online conference and impressive Tech to fight Covid

Next weeks online CES conference will highlight an incredible partnership. Dr. Lisa Su, CEO and President of AMD, is scheduled to announce a new partnership between themselves and various institutions of higher  learning and research which are leading the fight against covid19, including University of Toronto. 

This, and similiar melding of minds, will be a huge step in the fight against coronavirus and any other future disease outbreaks. AMD has donated one petaflop of dedicated processing power, capable of one quadtrillion calculations per second. This new equipment is slated to arrive soon. 

Alex Mihaldis, Associate V.P. of international partnerships, explained why this will so greatly help them in the eradication of Covid. ” The new equipment will make it possible to harness patient data in a way that wasn’t previously possible, because of privacy and security considerations.”

This new partnership and AMD’s donations of equipment and processing power, will enable researchers at the various institutions involved, to conduct research that will let them use actual patient data. This difference will hopefully help covid research make leaps and bounds. 

It’s far easier to develop strategies against covid when researchers are able to follow real time effects on actual patients. 

In addition to University of Toronto, AMD also made similiar donations and or pledges for support, to MIT, Stanford University, Cambridge University & the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

When a company is focused and dedicated on products which will always be the basics of the computers which now run and log every aspect of our lives, also displays to the public just how committed they are to the effort to eradicate the current global threat of coronavirus, there can only really be one trajectory for that companies growth. 

Growth Probability

Trading currently at 95$ and currently enjoying a surge in sales on it’s Ryzan Processors, AMD only has room to grow in this writers opinion. 

AMD’s Ryzen line of processors, lead and dominate the top 10 charts for units sold, including Amazon U.S. AMD is one of those rare stocks which despite perpetual upward movement, the sheer nature of its industry, all but guarantees further growth. 

In My Opinion:

AMD is a very safe conservative investment, with the possibility of a large upward jump.


By Jason Richards

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports blog.