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For my first article, I have to give a huge shout out to my man Aidan Lock from Betweenplays! I have to hand it to Aidan from Betweenplays, what he has accomplished is fascinating, no one really knows much about him except those that are really close to him and even then Aidan can pull a rabbit out of a hat and surprise you!

I can’t really talk about Aidans past because he will have a book coming out for everyone called, “creating hope when all seems lost”!

All I can say is Aidan is always researching and learning, he never stops trying to figure things out and is constantly curious or constantly desperate for new information to make sure he’s ahead of the game.

Aidan created Betweenplays for his children, so that they too can create one day, so that they too get involved in the Stockmarket and the power of Sports Entertainment!

During this time of creation, Aidan has made me and others lots of money, I have enjoyed great returns on his stock pics and the best part is, I get to sleep at night because of the types of companies Aidan gets involved in; I was in on WIMI, NIO, IZEA, Microvision, CloudMD, Skylighthealthgroup, Neo Lithium, Globalstar, I went in on Carnival cruise stocks overweight at around 9$ a share and in Royal Carribean at 22$, I sold and went back in on dips, and now he’s given us ITE or more known as i3Energy!

I was able to enjoy the big spikes, profit from them and using Aidans method grow my account and I still have stocks in my portfolio which have grown but are still waiting to bust out!

He’s building, creating and expanding, he’s created groups (which you can see in our Betweenplays Member section in groups) that won’t allow spammers, scammers and get rich quick schemes.

In February 2021 Aidan lost his nephew, it took a massive psychological hit on him and set him back a few months, he attempted to create more YouTube videos but he couldn’t concentrate enough and decided that the best way to go is expanding Betweenplays; a more behind the scenes project, knowing that he picked a well diversified portfolio with future plays in the disruptive sector, companies with solid financials mixed in with a few companies that will be needed in the future like H2O or Cielo Waste Solutions.

I am stoked to be a part of the Betweenplays team and am looking forward as to whats to come.

Aidan will be going back to making YouTube videos in the near future!

Thanks Aidan, thanks Betweenplays!

Betweenplays Stockmarket and Sports entertainment!