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On Wednesday September the 16th 2020, we got to big cap companies debuting on the public market at the same time.

Snowflake, under the ticker symbol (SNOW) will debut on the NYSE. SNOWFLAKE, a cloud data warehousing management centre provides the next generation of cloud storage with ultra fast upload and download speeds by using next level future is here now technology.

The best way to describe it is in layman’s terms, your driving on a highway and 100 cars meet at a one lane bridge and its a bottleneck, cars are getting through at a snails pace, well what if you could magically make appear 100 bridges for your 100 cars and we allow the traffic to flow fast at autobahn speeds and then magically take away the bridges.

Well simply put SNOWFLAKE does just that are the warehousing cache/zip storage is unimaginable. In a world were travel and business is no longer a local thing but a global thing, corporations will eventually if not so already find it hard to access information that is extremely sensitive in nature and where would you put it, what if you lost it…

SNOWFLAKE has state of the art digital cyber security and global memory storage and accessibility.

They have some of the biggest on board and will only gain more in time.

Heres some numbers:

1st IPO range 75 to 85$, New IPO range 100 to 110$ per share, 28 million shares, they reported 265 million dollars of revenue at the end of 2019 up 173% from previous year and have increased their revenues in 2020, in the first half of 2020 alone they announced 242 million in revenue up 133% in 2020/s first six months nearly equaling all of its 2019 revenue.They do have losses of 349 million last year up over 178 million its previous year but they made adjustments and reduced losses by 6 million.

interesting tidbit is this is Warren Buffets first acquisition of an IPO breaking tradition picking up 250 million shares and with a right to acquire 4 million more at IPO price.

Salesforce has made some good picks in IPO’s with names such as Docusign, Zoom and Twilio, they will also be purchasing 250 million shares at IPO share price.

Theres just some things that will be needed in the future to handle our technology and this is one of them, with 5G on the way paving the way for advanced gaming, Holograms, Telehealth, Artificial Intelligence, the internet of things, Global business sharing, digital wallets and currency, Electronic Medical Records, Pay services and online shopping…theres just no way to handle this much storage and who wants to carry stuff around if you don’t have too.

In my opinion, theres no way Cloud data warehousing management isn’t the future and this giant is at the beginning of the game.


JFROG, under the ticker symbol (FROG) will also revolutionize the way Developers work as a team in a project to what they call the quick release system.

in layman’s terms when a team would work on a project sharing of information is a necessity and upload times can be ridiculously long and that means everyones waiting for that library or cache file, also there’s the binary segment sequence that may not be as solid as it should be and crumble in the process, through Jfrog all of this is taken care of because everyone can use a centralized hub allowing for the shared information to flow seamlessly and Jfog liquid software solutions also cleans up any holes in the binary sequencing, also the analytics takes care of the process and verifies security up until quick release of the end product.

Jfrog was at 33 to 37$ ipo but has been revised to 39 to 41$, over 9 000 000 shares at ipo, the company is evaluated at over 3.7 bn, its almost profitable , with revenue over 105 million in 2019, it has revenue growth in first six months of 2020.

They have and impressive client base as well.

IN CONCLUSIONM; In my onion both of these stocks are the future, they are the types of companies that other companies regardless of their name will depend on, they do different things and they can only allow for our corporations to increase productivity, accessibility and maneuverability when it comes to our global economy, an important addition to any portfolio.

Do your research when investing, Betweenplays remains a stock entertainment channel.

Stay Strong.

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By Aidan Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports Blog.