Snowflake, Ticker symbol (SNOW) IPO date Wednesday September 16 2020.

Snowflake by far is the future of Cloud Data Warehousing and Snowflake have two big people banking on it. Those people are Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) and Salesforce (Marc Benioff).

Snowflake is an eighth year old company evaluated near 23 billion dollars, nearly double it’s valuation in February and has over 3000 clients and growing with a CAGR on revenue of 29.7%.

The Cloud has had its limits but they are man made limits in terms of fear of security breaches but with many banks and governments having data stolen from under their noses maybe the cloud is the safest place to place information and Snowflake seems like a sure bet.

The CEO of Snowflake, Frank Slootman has already brought two other companies to great highs, those companies are ServiceNow taking the company from 100M to 1.4B and EMC taking the company to an IPO 2.4B.

So what is Snowflake, well in layman’s terms, its a Data Warehousing centre, it stores your data. So what the big fuss, how does it work and what am I missing.

The best way to describe the process is in layman’s terms because once you get tech on this it gets complicated for the average investor.

After listening to videos explaining the technology, I must admit it is a big deal, I call it the internet in the internet. basically in the 90’s we wanted all public data and general human knowledge on the internet and peer to peer sharing was huge, since those days we have evolved as a species and have the capabilities of doing many things such as going green through water, solar, wind, battery technology and cloud computing, cloud computing will drastically reduce cutting down trees for paper and in other areas but it will take away the desperate for storage and revolutionize communication.

With 5G around the corner and the massive amount of memory needed for A.I., holograms streaming, games etc…storage and memory will be very important and the more we head into the future the more we’re looking at open borders although there’s resistance, with every change resistance came but it never won.

So how does 5G work, the concept is simple if you think that everyones information from every corporation can easily fit in the PRIVATE NET but we want to be able to upload and download that information quickly and this is where Snowflake is the best bet for everyone.

Once again in layman’s terms pretend you have 100 cars (cars being data information) all trying to access one bridge all at the same time, well you would get a bottleneck and traffic, not all those cars (information) can go over at the same time and until the cars get a pattern of going through (zipper effect) the cars will only move at a snails pace, now what if magically we were able to make this go extremely faster, what if when there’s no traffic you have one bridge and at peak hours you could magically create hundreds of bridges and when the traffic dies down you go back to one bridge; like the Harry Potter tent.

Well that basically what this does, when you’re not using the technology to upload a program you can have a small file (lets say a few nodes, highways) but if you need to upload a huge file you could increase the nodes to an extra large file of God knows how many nodes, highways, to allow the traffic to flow through easily and quickly, forgot to mention the highway was the autobahn.

You can access the cloud data warehouse anywhere in the world and you cn send a specific file to anyone anywhere in the world even if they do not have Snowflake, the person will be able to access the information as a reader with no charge.

The Fact of uploading the information reduces costs, since you pay for uploading storage to snowflakes cloud nut since you can go from a small file to an extra large file, (to allow fast data uploads, vast amount of information in hundreds of seconds) and then go back to a small file is impressive and cost effective.

As for Security threats, the Ceo of Snowflake states that they’re aware of peoples concerns but this is the future and technology isn’t what it once was.

In my opinion Snowflake is the future of Data Management, I can’t see the future rely on terabytes of storage on our hand helds or desktops when the cloud is limitless and we’re heading towards 5G, internet of things (it’s), holographic everything, artificial intelligence, Telehealth with huge amounts of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and a connected world.

I will be buying some shares at IPO since the IPO price range will be between 75$ to 90$ but there’s high hopes here on the future of technology and cloud management and warehousing is an important part if it.

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.