Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Ok, besides all the meme stocks, crypto currencies the world going to reopen to travel and leisure, we have everything to be excited about when it comes to FANSUNITE, trading over the counter is a big thing, especially in the esports and online gambling sector, money from the USA now has a chance to partake in investing in a company that in my opinion has the right stuff to make it big and the news just came out today Monday June 14th at 7AM ET therefore the time is now to place your bets, I mean make your investment, ok, just look at DraftKings.

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We have all seen what FansUnite did last year with all the mergers and acquisitions jumping over 2$ and I believe this just sets them up to continue the trend with more flow right through the pipeline, let us be realistic about todays investors, what we are seeing throughout the internet is intelligent gambling and not real investing with a dependency on fellow retail investors.

What we have seen in GameStop and now AMC is absolutely crazy but you need to look at who’s taking on all the HedgeFunds with Billions easily at their disposal, retail investors with the desire to feel alive in a trade and that’s what it is, a trade and not an investment because in the near future the retail investors will be out.

In the case of FansUnite, they will just continue with mergers and acquisitions and organic growth and they will just keep getting bigger, This is a speculative investment but one based off the history of gambling, investing and the new high risk retail investor; you’ll have wished to had bought the stock at this low a price.

They have solid financials and a strong cash runway to take them to the next level especially with Canada opening its doors to sports betting.

We here at Betweenplays are very bullish concerning FansUnite Entertainment Inc’s future, with more growth for the company through mergers and acquisitions, organic growth, C-218 in their favour and now trading OTC; imo this stock is poised for growth, seeing a level above 4$ end of year!

FansUnite Entertainment Inc. trades under the ticker symbol and FUNFF information:

FUNFF information:

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By Aidan Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports Blog.