What can we say, Teleradiology and Diagnostic imaging is on the rise, we can look back at the past to see the beginnings of what we consider to be a staple of the healthcare system and LevelJump Healthcare is looking to become a significant player in the area of Diagnostic Imaging with a long term worldwide vision $JUMP.V on the Canadian Venture exchange!

Should one say that Diagnostic imaging is not the present or future is someone that has not taken the time to verify thoroughly or in general the advancements to human care Diagnostic imaging has done for humanity!

Imagine in todays era, being wheeled in completely unconscious from a fall, lets say from a certain height, what is the course of action the EMR response team must take?!

Well, in todays era, we would simply put them in an MRI machine and do a thorough scan of their whole body and we would be able to see a person insides without any invasive procedure as Mickey Mouse is playing on a wall!

How did doctors try to find what was going on in a persons body lets say 80 years ago and beyond that. Imagine, eighty years ago is maybe your grandmothers age, certainly our era, do you really want me to say it, well, it was very invasive, they would literally have to open you up just to see inside of you what was going on.

What a nightmare, I could put up a picture here to remind our readers with perfect visual acuity, to drive the importance of Diagnostic Imaging if one should need reminding, but, the pictures online of the Middle Ages practices when trying to find out what was going on in a person body is too horrific to even look at a a person remained conscious throughout this horrific event!

No wonder people were absolutely petrified of doctors and hospitals; our great-grandparents and grandparents absolutely feared hospitals which than affected the Baby Boomers through their parents experiences.

I can say with ease, that only our generation, Generation X, have benefitted from advancement to technologies, saving us from any suffering in the medical field in general, allowing for our children and then their children to delete from human memory, fears associated to our beginnings in relation to the medical need to verifying the inside of a human body!

Yes it still sucks if you need to go to a hospital but imagine the fear that went into going to a hospital when your grandmother was 20, I am very happy that we have Diagnostic imaging at the centre of the healthcare system!

Today Diagnostic imaging is non invasive, people are lining up to get imaging done as quickly as a hospital can see a person because people want to detect illnesses quickly in order to have a greater chance of eliminating cancers or other things from our system as fast as possible; today we can verify fractures in bones, tears in soft tissue, diseases and ailments; it also allows doctors a view into their decision making process on how we decide and continue a treatment.

Doctors today can see if a certain treatment is causing more harm than good with Diagnostic imaging and take action to correct the issue in order to set a person on the right path to a treatment in order to help save your life.

CEO Mitchell Geisler

LevelJump has it on their minds to expand throughout Ontario, Canada, the USA and eventually the world, this is the long term game but with the vision and desire that CEO Mitchell Geisler bring to the table including his compassion for his patients and staff members, I wouldn’t be surprised to see massive growth in his company.

LevelJump Healthcare is innovative as it allows a Business to Business plan easing the weight of patients in the EMR health system, they also bring a solution to hospitals with increased wait times in order to allow faster turnover and LevelJump Healthcare is definitely a solution for the rural areas, it is no wonder they make up anywhere from 5 to 7% of the solutions healthcare Diagnostic imaging.

We should also keep in mind LevelJumps tactic for acquiring other companies in order to expand operations; the company must have positive cash flow and must be revenue generating, this allows for an immediate increase in the bottom line of LevelJump which then amplifies shareholder value as it increase LevelJumps bottom line.

I highly suggest that our readers listen to our Spotify our YouTube Interview with Mitch Geisler as you hear or see the vision of the company heading into the future.

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By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.