Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

After tons of research for stocks that institutional investors may want to get into, this company is going to be offering semi-annual dividends and a one time special dividend after the June 29th final process.

Now, i3Energy did a reverse merger and that allowed them to get onto the TSX instead of doing the full process which can take a year or so to complete.

As we all know as investors, a lot of energy companies went bankrupt during 2020 and beginning of 2021 but i3Energy took advantage of the situation and scooped up anything that would put them ahead of the game.

They just hit profitability as others were losing money or going bankrupt, they have a massive reserve of natural gas which goes way beyond the 2050 carbon timeline.

Everything in me says this is going to be gobbled up.

For example and transparency, I put in 10K at .165 and this company is 63% undervalued according to Desjardins Securities (Disnat); so imagine you have serious growth potential too!

CEO.CA puts it in the 10 times growth category!

So if you want growth in a company and dividends for return on your investment, in my opinion, this for me is the answer to making a big return and continued passive income and to be honest, if I could afford to put 50K in it, I would, but my portfolio is well diversified and I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.

Imagine how much money institutions will put in if I picked up over 60K shares because of their future dividends and growth potential, this isn’t FOMO, its wise investing and getting in before the big boys to enjoy growth potential!

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By Aidan Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports Blog.