Image That Says “ACDC-DAYMAK Reverse Merger?! A Must-Read”

Breaking news:

With Names like Tobias Duschl Ex-Vice President of Tesla and Gabriel Iosif, who served as an engineer at Ferrari N.V. involved its hard to ignore, please read full article!

Daymak is set to execute its public listing in 2022 by way of a reverse take-over, initial public offering, or merger with a Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle (more on this below), I wonder who this could be, well I won’t look too far, even captain obvious sees how obvious this actually is.

Daymaks vehicles are all going to be powered by ACDC – Richpower technology, ALL the Avennire series for Daymak is powered by ACDC-Richpower technology!

CEO Aldo Baiocchi from Daymak has publicly stated: “Our partnership on products and technology will create amazing synergies and I believe our collaboration will produce many exciting results and products now and into the future”! click here for article.

Daymak stated they had the intention of going public last year but didn’t because ACDC landed on their doorstep, Daymak surely thought they found a company with interesting technology, namely ACDC and took the time to do their homework.

Daymak offers financing for their products, this is huge because we’re seeing a massive scaling up here with people buying the Avvenire line in the Billions of use ranges!

Imagine ordering your Avvenire Spiritus, future technology is powering your car and the interior is supposed to be very advanced in technology as well; the Spiritus starts at 19,999$ affordable range; I say we’re looking at a new dealership in green technology, the potential is absolutely enormous!

Let us not forget that Mr Aldo Baiocchi started this company out of his 300 square foot garage because he could not find an E-scooter for his daughter, the companies in the USA wouldn’t ship them to Canada, today, Daymak has over 1 BILLION USD DOLLARS IN PRE-ORDERS on the Avvenire line alone!!!!!!

Who’s powering those pre-orders, ACDC-Richpower technology is!

Daymaks e-bike they are offering RidePoints, worlds first E-Bike rewards program, why do you think, because of ACDC-Richpowers A.I. battery technology.

Let us not forget that ACDC-Richpower also have their own EV Vehicle line; the Trilogy line will be the first to mine crypto coins because ACDC’s technology includes A.I. and so much more, go look at my last articles and video’s on ACDC for more information!

Here’s an excerpt stating the interest to mine crypto-currency; “Acdc…is pleased to announce that it intends to develop a block-chain…The company believes adding a crypto-currency…” click here for full article.

It’s so easy to see how their combined forces is synergistic!

Look, if you haven’t done the research in the battery technology and ACDC here is an executive summary:

  1. Blockchain
  2. Metadata
  3. Electric Vehicles (the trilogy line for production 2022 for 2023)
  4. Battery Management System (BMS)
  5. Battery Recycling
  6. Real time monitoring
  7. Remote Maintenance
  8. Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  9. Smart Charging Systems for EV charging stations
  10. Artificial intelligence
  11. IONIX line
  12. TITAN line
  13. Smart command off your cell phone app
  14. And more…

Sorry Aldo but I’m calling it, I believe, you sir, will be doing a reverse merger with ACDC, I could be wrong but I do not think so and if that happens with over 1 billion USD dollars in pre-orders for your Avvenire line alone, your stock will skyrocket once on the market and there’s no way I’m sitting on the side lines!

Daymak With over 100,000 LEV vehicles sold, over 1 billion use in pre-orders of Avvenire line, you are involved with Big Box chains like walmart and Costco and now you’re into Electric Vehicles with names like Tobias Duschl, who served as vice president of TESLA…TESLA (NASDAQ:TSLA) and Gabriel Iosif, who served as an engineer at Ferrari N.V, let us not forget that Daymak and Mr aldo Baiocchi himself is highly respected!

Imagine, the vice president of Telsa Tobias Duschl and Gabriel Iosif engineer of Ferrari is involved here:

“Both the Company and IoniX Pro will leverage their intellectual horsepower, including: Daymak CEO, Aldo Baiocchi, the President of Daymak who was responsible for the Daymak LEV designs; Tobias Duschl, who served as a vice president at Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA); Gabriel Iosif, who served as an engineer at Ferrari N.V.; and Robert Abenante, the Chief Innovation Officer at IoniX Pro who was responsible for the IoniX Pro product designs.” click here for full article

How about this, CEO Aldo Baiocchi sits on the advisory board of ACDC alongside founder and chairman Jack (Jingke) Han of Richpower, I’m guessing they have had time to communicate with each other, what do you think?! I think they have talked and are talking right now!

Why wouldn’t the reverse merger be ACDC?

Why would it be anyone else, with all the rights for all this technology in the hands of Daymak after a reverse merger, Daymak would elevate into an extremely competitive position along side the big boys and leaving old car makers in the dust!

Just to be clear, when I mean the big boys, I’m talking about whom ACDC has been comparing their technology too, remember they stated they were better than Tesla’s tech, with all that technology that Richpower brings, I see something big here; think about it!

Look, Daymak has stated they love ACDC’s technology to the point that it will power all their vehicles, that in itself is a massive statement (action speaks louder than words) and now they will have all Richpowers other technology including smart charging EV stations…because the reverse merger would allow Daymak to own those rights that ACDC and Richpower signed for exclusivity!

Aldo has also stated this in latest article:

“We wanted to thank everyone who supported us in achieving this goal, with special thanks to our strategic partners Extreme Vehicle Battery Tech (CSE: ACDC) and IoniX Pro Battery Technologies, who continue to be critical in the Avvenire product line development. The Spiritus car will be equipped with a customized AI-Powered IoniX Pro Lithium Ion Battery System,” said Aldo Baiocchi, president of Daymak. click here for full article

It’s just too easy and too good to be true!

I’m calling Daymak to do a reverse merger with ACDC and here’s the silver bullet:

Foundation Markets will lead one or more private placement(s) of Daymak International Inc. for minimum aggregate gross proceeds of CAD $25 million (the “Financing”) to enable manufacturing commencement of Spiritus and the other Avvenire LEV lineup, and execute its public listing in 2022 by way of a reverse take-over, initial public offering, or merger with a Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle, (the “Transaction”). For any interest or queries relating to the Financing or the Transaction, please directly contact: (Click her for article, one of last paragraphs)

Taif Ahmed,
Vice President – Investment Banking
FMI Capital Advisory Inc.

Guess who I’m calling!

Why would Daymak go anywhere else but buy out ACDC, its logical and it works for everyone including CEO Bryson Goodwin. ACDC will have gone from networking one of the biggest plays ever, taking advantage of the new Electric Vehicle revolution. Getting Richpower on board in order to secure the Americas, Europe, Africa with their products was an amazing move and then reaching out to Daymak was genius, Mr Bryson found the other perfect partner in Daymak; combining Richpower technology, ACDC on the Canadian and American market, Daymaks LEV and Avvenire line and reputation makes ACDC the perfect fit for a reverse merger at a very low cost.

With all that technology, Daymaks revenues and financing capabilities, this is a whole new level and we are in it for the ride….If the buyout price is right and Mr Bryson Goodwin gets inside perks, career for life with a ton of Daymak shares; I would take that deal hands down if I was him, in a heartbeat, because, its obvious that ACDC’s stock symbol would then reflect Daymaks name and with that

I’m expecting an exponential increase in ACDC’s stock price when this makes its rounds, the hype alone may do just that considering it is a penny stock, you know the saying, “buy the hype and sell the news” but in this case, I doubt anyone would selling a real company like Daymak combined with Richpower technology at these prices!

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I am not a financial advisor, these are my opinions and should only be taken as opinions, I am invested in ACDC but my opinions are based on statements created by said companies, if you need the help of a qualified financial advisor; please seek that help.

By Albert Laurin

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