Well it’s just getting better with CloudMD living up to the hype, just a few days ago September 24th 2020, CloudMD closed the Cannacord equity deal worth more than $20.79 million dollars, shares were acquired at a price of $1.38 dollars for a total of 15 065 shares, Doug Taylor (Cannacords analyst) raised CloudMD’s price target from $1.75 to $2.50.

The reason given for the raise was due to equity raise in CloudMD and high profile industry transactions, including imdhealth worth 10 million and only 1.5 million of the transaction was in cash, the rest of the 8.5 million was given in shares in the CloudMD company; the two combined gives the company a revenue run rate of $12.8 million.

Taylor goes on to state the importance of the Telehealth industry and points out to Loblaws investment in Telehealth worth $75 million and how it validates CloudMD’s key analog pharmacy Telehealth pilot back in may before the company went on the tsxv only this June 2020.

Taylor also revised his estimates for the the third quarter fiscal year 2020 and for 2021 revenues to be 17.9 for third quarter and 2021 at 40.3 million.

According to the Motley Fool, CloudMD is set for huge growth, stating how most patients find it as good if not better than in-person visits. I can agree that I will never visit a clinic again if I don’t have too, I use (at the moment) a regular direct link to my paediatrician and to our family doctor but it is not set up like CloudMD, I still have to call a secretary that creates a meeting and it goes around like that a bit and then the triage nurse calls you and then eventually a doctor, an appointment was made and now the triage nurse calls you just before the doctor and it is 100% better than leaving my house with the kids packing snacks and drinks; once at the clinic trying I’m to control them as I packed iPads and beg them to sit and not touch anything, as other children walk towards us trying to see our iPad with snots running down their face and coughing top a storm and all I needed was to see my doctor for a minor infection, lets say a small cut that may need an antibody and now I’m heading home with countless viruses and bacteria looming over my kids and myself because visibly those other kids were extremely sick with fevers and flu’s with half the day gone.

Even as an adult, I don’t feel like wasting hours waiting for a prescription or seeing a doctor for a sore throat; if they need a culture – well – I can see my doctor online and go to the clinic or a private clinic for the swab and go back home as they send me the results and send me my prescription email.

With CloudMD this is even easier as it is streamless; they have an app that sets up appointments and two different a.i.’s that can do triage and the appointment is booked on your app, the process is extremely easy and with fitbits and apple watches stating that the future of healthcare is on your wrist (they knew something we didn’t).

CloudMD can easily take your vitals in the near future, they already have the technology, its all about timing; in their pharmacies in BC for example “Save on Foods” (one of their pharmacies), they have a set-up in a room (rooms are already in all clinics everywhere) that you see a doctor on screen and on this cart they have blood-pressure cuff, oxygen sensor, heat sensor for temperature, they even have technology that can make them see in your ears and the tech just keeps on going, once the visit live is completed on the spot, the pharmacist has your prescription and they can do that from your house too.

Anyways, Motley Fool states that CloudMD is positioned to grow rapidly in telemedicine and has the potential to be acquired, they also go on to say that CloudMD aims to tap the untapped $10 trillion virtual care market…and has also recently entered the U.S. markets. that they have the potential to be a stable, high margin fast growing company with sustainable revenues with 163% year over year revenue growth. In 2021 CloudMD is expected to increase its revenue to $37 million an increase of 124.4% as earnings are estimated to grow at a rate of 100%.

To make things even more interesting on September 24th 2020, CloudMD partnered up with the National Canada Health Infoway which works with Health Canada to advance e-subscribing to Canadians. They now have access to PrescribIT which is the national e-prescribing service enabling prescribers and pharmacies to electronically create, receive, renew and cancel prescriptions…

The agreement states that CLoudMD will integrate its Juno electronics with PrescribeIT and -in a nutshell- physicians and nurse practitioners who offer virtual consultations with patients will be able to send prescriptions electronically from their EMR to the PATIENTS PHARMACY OF CHOICE and pharmacies will be able to request prescription renewals electronically from a patients prescriber.

Guys, this is solid and its the future, there’s no way this doesn’t make sense, its good for the government as they can cut costs from healthcare infrastructure drastically (which they desperately need to do), this is excellent for the doctors from so many point of views and as a patient, I can’t stop only pointing out all the good points because I’m 100% on the Telehealth industries bandwagon.

Once Quebec is up and running with the CloudMD app (its already set up with all provinces, it just needs to switch on, but Dr. Hamza wants a boots on the ground, footprint in the province first, excellent idea of building a solid foundation), I’ll be having a conversation with my paediatrician who’s also sold on aiding her patients this way as well as my family doctor, because I’m moving on to CloudMD and I pray they come over because I won’t be seeing them anymore.



By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.