Skylight Health

Betweenplays has been calling this one out since they changed their name from CB2 to the newly created Telehealth player.

In a previous article we wrote on Skylight Health Group (click here) and our follow up article on them (click here) it will become obvious to see that we are completely bullish on this company, the fact that its a Telehealth and the fact that they have boots on the ground is incredible but what about their research department!!!

Thats right, did everyone forget that they were CB2, CB2 used to look into figuring out which cannabis drug treated which disease according to the persons genome and make-up, it comes as no surprise that they have now worked Covid-19, “Skylight Health has been selected as a clinical site to enroll patients for a clinical research trial investigating ADG20, a broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody, for use in the prevention of COVID-19“!

Ok, think about this, they have Telehealth, they have clinics and emergency clinics and they can get people involved in any trial they ever need to do by simply going to any of their clinics…


Never forget their insane package deals that they are offering for American citizens which include all children under 8 free medical and their savings of up to 80% on generic and brand name drugs, which includes pharmaceutical usage for your pets for the lowest prices on the market, they even beat Canadian Telehealth subscription prices and this is for Americans….just nuts; for more on this please go to previous articles written on Skylight Health Group mentioned above…in turn when using Skylight Health Group, you get to change your insurance policy and save even more!

Skylight Health Group have a winning combination on board to boot.

The Savings, the service, the research team, the board and the humanitarian aspect of Skylight health group puts them in a winning advantage as a one stop concierge shop, the fact they had partnered with CloudMD might have something to do with that, in 2019 CB2 partnered with CloudMD for access to Juno and that partnership still exists.

Betweenplays has a feeling that some revenue sharing will be occurring in the future and the fact that we see a philanthropic aspect to Skylight Health Group, with time after their Nasdaq listing June 7th 2021 with a ticker change to SLHG, in my opinion, you’re looking at next big Telehealth company out there!

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.