Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

CloudMd is the part of the future in the industry of Telehealth and with Dr Essam Hamza at the helm I can sit back and watch this company grow.

Before 2020 not everyone was on the net and not everyone was as tech savvy as they are just 5 months later after covid-19, from education to sports entertainment corporations such as zoom video have a strong hold on the future as does our upcoming IPO stock trender, Snowflake – which is due to make its IPO debut on September 16 2020.

Ok, so where does that leave us with Telehealth, all I can say is in a very very good place.

Even before Covid-19 decided to ravage the planet and take the lives of hundreds of thousands up to this point with an oncoming second wave in its beginning stages, I just didn’t like sitting with my children in a clinic or hospital with other people obviously more sick than us.

Even before I had children as far back as the 1980’s-1990’s era, I was never comfortable in a clinic or hospital amongst other sick people, especially if I was there for a regularly scheduled visit or a simple prescription or doctors note for work or school and I avoided going to clinics or hospitals like the plague.

With my first child my wife and I were always at the hospital for every fever or weird rash, up until I noticed I could be sitting in a hospital all night long only to see a doctor the next morning because there was only one (1) doctor available to the whole hospital that night arrgh

As the years passed and and we had our second child there was no way we were doubling this madness, I hated waiting amongst others obviously more sick and I was only at the hospital for comfort reasons, I knew I was at hospital and people were there to help my child if it got worse, but even then they are understaffed.

I recalled my childhood of always being at a hospital because my dad was always worried and he felt safe there with us and I realized this isn’t the right approach because when I was at the hospital, I too got magically better and started playing with the hospital toys and then bringing home more germs and figured there must be a better way.

I adopted calling our local 811, which allows us to talk to a nurse and they do an over the phone triage and tells you what to look for and when you should go to a hospital and they calm the parents down and when the parents are calm so are the children but this is all happening in the year 2019 when we actually have the almighty internet and a slue of amazing technology but I’m using a phone.

Fast forward to 2020 and covid mayhem and now the world is all stuck at home and living in pandemic times, something our parents never went through nor we, mental health is at an all time high, people are stressed about how to obtain their prescriptions or missing an appointment with their doctors and they have serious cases, here comes in our saviour telehealth.

In my experience, we had to get an appointment to see our paediatrician and we’re calling my sons clinic to try and get a visit but its closed and we Hail Mary it and leave a message and I get a call back from a secretary saying the clinics closed but asks us, “do you have internet and do you have FaceTime or messenger or some way to video call you” and I’m surprised but reply, “yes on my phone tablet and PC, why”.

An appointment is booked to see our paediatrician via messenger for the next day from the comfort of our home and guess what, we completely enjoyed the visit. My wife and I prepared a coffee and our kids were playing in the house and when our iPad notified us that we had an incoming video my wife and I sat down and drank our coffee as we spoke to our pediatrician, she saw our child and then we got to talk a bit while we all had coffee, we got to see her kids and it was amazing…

We have had a few of these calls with our paediatrician and other health care providers in these last months and I can’t stop raving of its importance and the fact I don’t have to get in my car and prepare a lunch because I might be stuck in a clinic with people more sick than I am and then waiting in a waiting room for hours for a 10 minute visit, its like living in barbarian times.

I’m 100 percent sold, doctors love it for a multitude of reasons, and so will the health care system when they realize they’ll save millions in a billion dollar industry, with platforms like zoom multimedia video conferencing and Cloud data storage warehouses like Snowflake, Telehealth is the future and I can’t believe we haven’t already been doing this years ago.

Got to my Youtube channel for a review on CloudMD, a company I’m invested in, that’s CloudMD (DOC.V on TSX) and (DOCRF on OTC).

Remember to always do your own research and invest wisely.

By Aidan Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports Blog.

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