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Today the CDC “Center of Disease and Control” just released the big news we have all been waiting for as titled by many different major news papers and as shared on our Twitter account @betweenplays1; The CDC issues new travel for domestic travel, saying “people that are fully immunized against the Covid can travel in the US and do not need to get tested or quarantined before or after, also as part of the new guidance for international travel, the CDC also said fully vaccinated Americans can travel internationally without needing a covid test before they leave the country”, according to MarketWatch published April 2nd 2021.

The only rules that may be required or from the country the person that is leaving the USA may be landing in, for example the CDC state that a person leaving the USA does not need to do a covid test unless the other country requests it, also upon returning the CDC does not require any tests unless the state requires a quarantine, what is important to note in both cases; THE CDC IS NOT REQUESTING ANY SERIOUS MEASURES!

This means that Americans that are vaccinated, according to the CDC have a great degree of latitude in international freedoms, all that is required is a negative test result before they return to the USA and get tested Five (5) days of their return; given the seriousness of what the world has been through, these two simple measures are quick, effective and is not much to ask.

What does this mean for the stock market, well in our opinion, we are looking at Cruise lines to hit quick all time highs, in our opinion, with all the new ships of various sizes, their technology , their expected rise and expansion in the worlds fastest growing economy, making double the amount of billionaires since 2015, fastest growing local and world economy and predicted to pass the USA by 2028, The Carnival Cruise lines fleet is expected to have a greater market in China than the USA, with this in mind Carnival has the opportunity to easily surpass their all time highs; their Ships and LNG coupled with Battery technology will also aid in increasing profit margin ratio and in turn the bottom line.

Oasis of the Seas Sailing in New York

We have been bullish on Carnival CUK CCL and Royal Caribbean since march 2020, we went through all three companies financials, Carnival, Royal, and Norwegians and we decided based on financials in March 2020 to invest in Carnival and Royal Caribbean financials and easily saw the opportunity as did the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines or how about the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia investing a ton of cash into Carnival Cruise Lines in 2020; all this should be enough for everyone reading this article, watching the YouTube video which is linked above and our twitter news on how the CDC has allowed a near complete freedom to those immunized; It is easy to see this is the next big investing opportunity; don’t miss the boat as the CDC will issue new guidance for the industry, because once the cruise lines hit new year highs, you don’t want to live in the world of “would of, should of, could of but didn’t” reality!



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By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.