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With the market in a brazen up and down jackknife trampoline seesaw style market where do you go, what haas happened to all the excitement. Just so you know Betweenplays never looks at Politicians and passes judgement on them, we look at the who what when where why and how the politics are affecting the markets and we make choices according to what we interpret through the facts or news handed to us, we also look at stimulus, debt, bond yeild, volatility, old money like oil, the history of war, cold war, financial and digital war, the markets according to the global leading power and other factors where we can find it.

I will have to be honest with you, I am not found of what I see at the moment.

We have a SARS Coronavirus out there still hurting people but China’s Q4 2020 growth was positive, how is that even possible, did i miss something, wasn’t Wuhan ground zero, when did the chinese have their vaccination program, from what I recall in the beginning of 2020, Chinese Wuhan area dying in the streets from this extremely contagious virus, decimating their people, so how did they start having pool party’s in August or 2020 with thousands jumping in with no masks according to CNN’s photo or how did they open the economy in the middle of 2020, when Italy in March of 2021 is still in total lockdown?!?

Come on, what am I missing, the United States of America is trying to get all their adult people vaccinated by May 2021, at the time I write this, i have read that Biden has had over 200 million of his people of the USA vaccinated in his first 100 days, thank God for Operation warp speed, that is why we have these vaccines correct, they are the same vaccines that came out of all that hoopla when Trump was trying to get the job done and thank the heavens he did so because now we can get this injection in to our arms we so trust all of a sudden and reopen the economy.


Oh yes, I forgot, we will open the economy but we will keep being vigilant and wash our hands, maybe wear masks, but other than that, things should be on the right track right or are we free to go about our business because because all the vaccines protect against hospitalization and death.

We will have to see but once again, how is it that china has advanced so much so that they were supposed to surpass the United States economy in 2032 and now they will pass it in 2028, but should they not be the ones on the ground, how is it if this virus is so deadly that their population has actually grown, they had a population of 1,398, billion vs 1,439,323,776 in 2020 vs 1,444,216,107 in 2021, an increase 0.39% in the middle of a full blown SARS pandemic.

Money is flowing into China, Buffet, Rogers, etc…are investing in China although Buffet does say never bet against the USA!

So what am I missing, the United Arab Emirates vaccinated in 2020 with Cansinopharma and Sinopham, both vaccines out of China, and we’re talking about summer 2020, hundreds of thousands being vaccinated in clinical trials, where did these vaccines held in fridges come from, it is said that the vaccines or the early trials of it came out in early 2020 with an inactivated virus, by september top government officials got the vaccine in the UAE.


Lets go back to China, how is it that China was open to business after what we have seen on facebook in early 2020, wait, isn’t facebook banned in China, so how did all tht media get out at that time and once the world was hit, where did all that media go, it just stopped, there was no more of, instead by summer, China was opening its economy and having pool parties in August with no masks?!? What the fuck, its ground zero!!!

I am not pointing fingers but what the hell is going on!

We can’t go visit our families in Canada, a population of 35 million with vast lands in between cities and china no where close to our land mass with nearly 1.5 are having thousands of people at a pool party with no masks and they are working in China with the economy doing so well it knocked off five (5) years in its timeline to surpass the United States of America, do you realize the growth it would take to knock off five (5) years!!!

The Markets are not doing well in the USA, no shit Sherlock…the first time we heard from Biden was today March 25th 2021, thats a long time to wait for the first presidents speech especially with the markets in uncertain times and the market does not like uncertainty…relations with China, Russia, North Korea are all strained…the Americans are gathering up their allies and where the fuck is the head on the eagle here in the two crests by President Biden!

There’s definitely something wrong here, not one power in human history just said, “ok, you want all the financial power of the world, sure, here you go”. Why is the Biden administration continuing on Trumps path when it comes to relations with China, was Trump privy to some information that only a president had knowledge of and now the Biden administration has taken a look at that information and said, “oh boy, so our international trade treaty with China which contained out clauses such as war and Pandemics, was not a per chance event when it came to this pandemic”…LOOK I am NOT saying what is and what is not, I am only using my powers of deductive reasoning coupled with the information given us.

I do not like what I smell, something is not right…

The market is not sustainable with all this uncertainty, Stimulus checks are being fed back into the market in hopes someone is going to get something out of it, but where are all the jobs, there is no way if we go back to “everything is just peachy” with everyone acting like the stauts quo Pre-President-Trump era that the Market wont crash from the debt bubble, there is no way in my mind that will not happen, not enough jobs, stimulus checks stop after covid and people have no money, they start taking it out of the market at losses just to have some and BAM, fear, hysteria, emotional selling equals Market Crash!

China stated that they would keep minerals because they need it, the United States needs it too, they also need PPE’s, medical supplies, manufacturing supplies and much more…can it be that the United States of America will start up manufacturing, will our world become divided with two powers occupying the same space (named earth), usually that does not end well; there is always a leader and a follower, that would bring us into a cold war style era and jobs will need to be created from ground up and wherever there is a manufacturing plant, there’s a restaurant, a clothes store etc…..the most basic of jobs, creates other jobs; this in turn should allow the market to still grow if we invest in the United States of America.

If a cold war would start and manufacturing came back to the united states, how long would it take for one of the two powers to start something with the other, in reality, you always want to catch your opponent in their most inopportune time, “catch them with their pants down ankle level”, would that time be now or soon, is this why the eagles in the presidential picture above have no heads; Usually the Eagle is looking at the arrows (in times of war) or looking at the grain (in times of peace); is the United States Government weighing these times.

So what are my go to in these times!

My plays right now are towards the cruise lines, CUK, CCL and RCL as they plan to grow in China and plan to have a larger market there than in the USA!

I also believe that Neo Lithium (NLC NTTHF) has a great opportunity at massive growth in the mid to short term because they are feeding CATL which is the largest battery maker in the world and out of China!

Cielo waste Management is one I’m looking forward to see grow exponentially, not only as a stock but as a company, wouldn’t it be great to finally get rid of all the plastic in the world and get rid of our landfills and doing all that while being a green company, damn right it would be great! I also believe that they will be welcomed internationally in order to clean up our planet so that waste wont be filling up rivers, lakes or polluting our oceans around the world. No matter what happens, the world needs and welcomes such technology, if not, what does that say about our green initiative, everything being fed to us or Greta on the Cover of Time Life; in my mind, Cielo is an absolute necessity for the human race and planet and its about fucking time!

Then there’s a big one in these times of uncertainty; KWESST; Kwesst Intelligent Micro Systems, a stock related to military devices, so futuristic, its straight out of Tony Stark stuff.


Naturally I want the world to be a peaceful place, where all humans could just get along, I love nothing else but to learn about people cultures, eat their food, drink their wine, enjoy in their celebrations, their traditions, see magnificent structures; but history states otherwise.

Throughout history their have been dominating powers and then another comes out to challenge the old guard when they have similar technology or better technology, in the 1900’s, most of us remember those days really well but we are getting old, a child born in 2000, is now 21 years old and every child born from a woman from 16 upwards, will see us as ancient, the concept of being born in the 1900’s will be to them like someone born in the 1800’s is us, but my grandfathers father was born in the 1800’s, time flies really quick and in all those times there was war and before that, war.

The greatest times of world peace was when one or two governments owned the nuclear deterrent, it didn’t matter how big another ones army was, so long as the nuclear deterrent was a clear and present danger…many countries have this nuclear deterrent now and when all these big powers have it, it no longer becomes a nuclear deterrent anymore because if you launch one, we will too; while someones army lands on our beaches or harbors, will we really launch what they can also launch back, will we really plunge humanity into darkness?

After World War 2 which started September 1st 1939 and ended September 2nd 1945, we had the nuclear deterrent but a rival country equal in military might and economic power had emerged with the USA and that power was the USSR, the old guard of England and France were crushed as was the German guard; only two remained and they cut up the world as they pleased because they were the dominating forces of the planet with technology/weapons no one could stand up too. Not long after, a cold war started with the USSR, starting in 1947 and ended in 1991, the beginning of the end was the famous take down of The Berlin wall, November 9th 1989.

Since 1991 to 2020 we have lived with one great power, the United States of America and there was peace, long standing allies since the Nixon era was china because of the cold war with the USSR, agreements were made far back and a pact under the Clinton administration with China for them to grow economically so that our corporations could ship over manufacturing and save on human labor has become something most likely unexpected, China which historically was always the international trading power of the world, seems to want to take back their position as a global power but not just a global power but the global power; they want to take back what was once theirs.

In Conclusion: we will see what happens when there are two occupying powers in that same space, I guess time will tell, but I’m not sure if the next 20 years will be like the last 20, I hope I’m wrong and that we have world peace!


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By Albert Laurin

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