The Hype had us all wondering if Gigametals, this dirt cheap stock could be taken to new heights as they called out Elon Musk in July, stating that they could indeed produce Nickel ethically with high safety standards, using hydro electricity by Bc Hydro, be carbon net zero earth friendly as they’ve been working with the University of British Columbia for some time now and to boot have class 1 nickel battery ready and technical.

The hype was elevated even more when Pratima Desai from Reuters on September 11 2020 stated, that Tesla and Gigametals were in discussions, this was echoed by other major newspapers such as The Globe and Mail, MSN, and others followed like The Deep Dive, Electrek and The Techtimes etc…

I was compelled to continue researching as someone surely with high news credentials would be following up on this and around 4pm I fell on an article from Kitco that stated that Tesla and Gigametals declined to comment on their discussions; the big word here is ON, therefore, my interpretation on how the sentence was written, stated that they did speak but refused to comment ON their discussions.

Naturally this led up to a huge hype and then a story was released by The Equity Guru stating and insinuating certain things concerning Pratima Desai and her reporting practice, as well as stating certain facts that there was no deal between Tesla and Gigametals.

Certainly there was no deal, because it takes a while for two companies to get boots on the ground and verify claims in a deal that would force Tesla to fork over under a billion dollars to get the mine producing Nickel in a reasonable timeframe and that is not something that can be done overnight, there’s logistics and analysts and accountants and lawyers and other people to get involved in order for two people to sign a deal that works for both involved on that future given day. That being said, was there a deal on the day the Equity Guru released that article, were there discussions, was reading into Kitco’s use of the word ON Justified? lets move forward to battery day.

  1. During Battery day, in the shareholders meeting, a woman (shareholder) stated that retrieving Nickel from mines that uses unethical and ecologically disastrous methods must stop or else.

2. Elon Musk stated that Nickel is highly important and that he contacted Nickel companies himself (ok this proves Pratima right and Kitco right too) and told them to start producing.

3. At the end of the Battery day show during Q&A, the person at Tesla in charge of mining stated that the Nickel companies contacted were given incentives to produce.

Very good, which leads us to what we here at Betweenplays just discovered!

In an article, in a news column, in a paper, called the Mining News Wire, they state a bit of the history between the two companies (Tesla/Gigametals) as we did here and then they bring out the paragraph that I must once again, read between the lines, as I did when Kitco used the word ON, so here it is:

“Giga Metals Corp. (TSX.V: GIGA) (OTCQB: HNCKF), the company that will be partnering up with Tesla, has discovered an eco-friendly way of producing nickel.” the MiningNewsWire.

Hold Up, what did that say, here we go again, lets break it down;


the company

that will be

partnering up

with Tesla…

Do they know something we don’t, it is a mining news paper and they must surely have some friends or contacts….

I don’t know,

but a word to the wise;

keep your eyes on this one!

By Albert Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket Strategies. Betweenplays is an entertainment-educational entity on this Blog, Youtube and Twitter and NOT a professional financial service, if you need help investing please seek a professional financial analyst. We are not responsible for anyones losses, it is up to the investor to invest their time and do their own due diligence, seek a professional analyst, learn to research and Invest, to become educated. Our motto: Research Prepare/Plan Execute, Stay Strong!