After a boatload of research on Gigametals, I was, and have become even more excited and convinced this mine is one of the most important Nickel deposits in the world, next to the Norilsk Nickel mine in Russia which sits above the arctic circle in high elevations of long mountain ranges founded in 1993. Norilsk mining in the 1920’s by 1943 Norilsk produced 4 000 tons of refined Nickel and in 1945 they produced 10 000 tons per year. since then they’ve had massive issues concerning environmental issues but the mines are old but this doesn’t stop the company from making in excess of $13.6 billion a year (2019) figures, operating income of $7.04 billion (2019), net income of $5.97 billion and total Equity of $4.29 billion (2019) but because of the age of this company it highly adds to the carbon issues and its waste reservoir has run the river next to the company red during big rains rain storms overflowing the basin.

Why is that information important?

Because imagine what we can do if we get the Turnagain mine solely owned by Gigametals up and running.

We’re looking at class 1 battery ready and technical Nickel and they can produce up to 40 000 tons of Nickel per year for over 28 years, they also have other deposits as well, like platinum and palladium.

Gigametals also partnered up with the university of British Columbia many years ago to work on carbon capture technology and states that it works, the mine would produce up to 28 000 metric tons of pollution but they can capture that amount as well and place it back in the ground and seal it up in a cement type rock for thousands of years.

They already have a pilot project that produces at 3 to 4% and they plan to keep it that way until operations are to move forward until the completion of a full scale mine.

In 2017 Gigametals was born on august 28 2017 to be more exact, but they were previously called Hard Creek Nickel, a billionaire individual named Michael Beck found interest in the company and through his company Regent advisors picked purchased the company and changed its name to reflect the importance of the mine in the EV market in the coming future, I would believe they got Gigametals because Gigafactories are where batteries are made and Gigafactories can produce gigawatts from their factories from battery technology which contain a high level of Nickel, it doesn’t hurt either that the owner of Gigafatories is the one and only Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, the genius who took on the gasoline car giants.

If you look at Mr. Beck’s background, you’ll understand that he is highly respected and highly successful, he also worked at the Rothchilds Corporation as head of oil and gas division and he’s been involved in the vehicle and stack market industry most of his life, he knows what he’s looking at when he looks at it.

Elon Musk stated that Nickel was the new gold and Mike Beck concurs. Mike places a high degree of importance on Nickel and stated that without Nickel the EV industry would be in serious trouble and has stated that the only major producer is Norilsk (which pollutes and needs updating), he’s stated as saying that Vale is an important player as is BHP in Australia but the also sates that Nickel is not their main product and if Betweenplays looks at the situation concerning the spillage of waste into the Indian Ocean, we need a clean alternative or why are we building EV vehicles if producing them is killing the planet when some oil companies are using carbon capture technology.

This is why Elon Musk launched that challenge, because if you can produce it with existing technology and in an ethical clean manner and we’re using electric vehicles, we are way ahead of the game and Canada is in the best situation when it comes to having answers to all these issues, which is why in 2017, Mr. Beck stated that Gigametals was the one they had their eye on because the deposit of Nickel is significant because they dotted the i’s and crossed the T’s..

So why is this mine still not producing vasts amount of Nickel, well with Elon Musk entering a deal with CATL eliminating Cobalt from their batteries and boosting range and life decay, they’ve created the million mile battery, this is how many miles it would take before you would need to change the battery from the vehicle which translates to a 76 year human lifecycle and since we only start driving at 16 or 18, we can pretty much say, that million mile battery is good for a human life.

Tesla is also doing everything himself to eliminate Cobalt from his own batteries which he makes with Panasonic for his Model 3 and Y, he’s acquired the Maxwell corporation that specializes in ultra capacitors and has moved away from wet electrode technology to dry electrode technology which boosts performance and is more cost effective, and once Cobalt is completely phased out Tesla vehicles will be sold at regular gasoline prices; no more $100 000 price tag for a Tesla, that’s just awesome sign me up because I’ll buy a Tesla too and that’s just the point.

With prices set to reach the lowest ever for Tesla vehicles (no more Cobalt out of CATL and out of next generation eve batteries), there’s going to be a massive increase in production and a desperate need for EV batteries and therefore a massive need for Nickel and we are running out go Nickel and that brings us back to Gigametals.

In my personal opinion, if I had billions of dollars, I would seriously get some boots on the ground and figure this out because the Turnagain mine is an absolute Diamond, a hidden gem, the new gold of the future and we can use BC Hydro and Carbon Capture technology out of the university of British Columbia.

There’s also the fact that Canadians pay a carbon tax, well put it to good use and get this mine up and running, just getting all the infrastructure in place will create tons of jobs and then there’s building the mine, starting production etc etc…

Extracting the Nickel to create more EV only helps the planet.

I don’t see any bad reasons or any reason which too suggest we shouldn’t do this or reason as to why it hasn’t already been started.

This is a no brainer!

Could it be its because of politics that existing oil tycoons are in the way, I wouldn’t be surprised, imagine the amount of money they’ll lose when Tesla has no barriers in his way and can mass produce at will.

Lets be clear, most everyone wants a Tesla, others may want a Nio or BYD or other EV company but the EV revolution is going to seriously destroy many upstream, downstream and midstream companies, just look at what’s been going on because of covid-19 and this is temporary, imagine if it was forever!

All I know is after tons of research and a new working Capital of over 4 million dollars by insider selling due to hype created which started back around July 2020 and then continued with the Reuters report out on September 11th 2020 authored by Pratima Desai which caught the attention of The Globe and Mail, MSN, Electrek, the Techtimes, mining news and other places. The stock soared because the information in that article stated that Tesla and Gigametals were in discussion; as the day went on and we continuously looked for more information, we stumbled on an article by Kitco, that added to the craziness and the one line that got to us stated that Tesla and Gigametals refused to comment on their discussions.

“Refused to comment ON their discussions”.

I find importance in every word and in the context its used because if you were a lawyer or let’s say a judge, you would know that a word must be defined and no word is to be taken for granted and the context in which that word is being used, is highly important.

Well to me, the word ON suggests, that they were both talking, but they refused to comment on those talks!

Ok, they could’ve been talking about about the cereal they ate that morning, (billionaires eating cocoa puffs lol) ok but seriously, why wouldn’t they talk and why wouldn’t they discuss the mine.

Sometime around July Tesla launched a massive incentive to mining companies to start producing Nickel in massive quantities, ethically with high safety standards and Tesla will give you a long term contract.

Mark Jarvis responded that they could indeed indeed fulfil that request but to be fair he also pointed out there were other companies that were also interesting in Canada in the Nickel industry.

For all these reasons, the only problem that Gigametals had was time and the macro affect, the price/demand/supply chain of Nickel and its spot on the time chart.

But with the rise of the EV industry, old gas style automakers and governments getting on board, the price drop of EV vehicles matching traditional cars, the massive need for nickel mined ethcially and clean has arrived, we need this type of mine and so far Gigametals fills all the blanks and Gigametals time has finally caught up to becoming the first world clean ethical producer of Nickel in the world.

What’re we waiting for!

By Aidan Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports Blog.