Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

What an insane weekend its been when it comes to Gigametals, which trades under the ticker of DOC.V on the Toronto stock exchange venture (TSXV) and trades as an over the counter stock as HNCKF.

All weekend I tried to figure out if this is indeed true, did Elon Musk and Gigametals really have discussions?

I scoured through every single news app I had and I went through every stock chatroom I own or am a part of and I also went onto Tesla’s and Gigametals websites, searched through my Stock analysis platforms and I couldn’t find anything to refute this so called mystery discussion.

But this is what I did find, on September the 11th, Reuters, MSN, The Globe and Mail all released the same news, Musk in discussions with Gigametals. Alongside those three huge names others followed, such as Electrek and The Techtimes news.

The Turnagain mine isn’t some small player, its one of the largest deposits on Nickel on the planet and the planet needs Nickel because Nickel is being depleted and the EV world NEEDS nickel/lithium/cobalt…in 2019 the Mining Journal stated that Gigametals has over 1 billion tonnes of Nickel, the mine can produce 40 000 tonnes of nickel per year and keep at it for 28 years.

So what’s the hold up, I would say money’s the problem and it ism, because Gigametals has less than one year of cash on hand and they need under billion dollars to fund the project.

Is it just me or are the stars aligned; Elon Musk has Gigafactories and is pro saving earth, Gigametals has plans to extract the minerals with zero net carbon using hydro from BC Hydro and has carbon capture technology through research carbon sequestration programme from the University of British Columbia, capturing billions of CO2 in the air per year and locking it under ground in a cement type rock for thousands of years or geological time scales.

But the mine is in the mountains and its tough the get there and and and …

So what, do we understand who’s talking to Gigametals, its Elon Musk …ELON MUSK.

You know the guy that created SpaceX, the guy that realized we haven’t been going to the moon because it’s too expensive – because NASA said so – and what did Elon Musk do; he found a solution, he created rockets that fly back down to earth on its rear and he can land those babies on a rocket pad on water in the middle of nowhere, instead of using the rockets once and having to rebuild them over and over again.

He took on the oil giants with Tesla and everyone said he’s nuts and look at him now.

Lets not forget Paypal, Solarcity, Neuralink, Hyperloop, Starlink and THE BORE COMPANY.

Thats right I can see Musk explaining to Gigametals the science of rock and how he can get those minerals out easily.

Anyways, I researched high and low and all I could find is two crazy crazy things making me BELIEVE and I really want to BELIEVE even more what my Italian mother always says in times like these, “there’s somethin’ fish here”, thats right, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

On Gigametals website under corporate vision, there’s a TESLA factory digitized art on their webpage, why is that there, are they allowed to do that, did Elon Musk give them the right to put what looks like a Gigafactory roofed with solar panels with a huge TESLA on the side of the building, or are they trying to say it is a TESLA GIGAFACTORY on GIGAMETALS land and we’re giving a hint we agreed on with Tesla for that person that digs deep in research, I wish I knew when this pick was put there, was it over the weekend, after all this discussion news came out on Friday September the 11th or am I going mad.

To increase this insanity, if that wasn’t enough, KITCO released an article on Friday September the 11th 2020 at 22:14 which stated,”Gigametals and Tesla declined to comment on talks”.

What exactly is going on here, what does that mean, did the three big news agencies get it right, are they really talking, because the way Kitco words it, it’s as though they are talking, but won’t comment on the talks. I mean they could be talking about the weather as much as a long Tesla contract but the way its worded , it infers that there is talking happening.

Sure Gigametals had to release a statement that no material changes has occurred to affect the upswing on their stock and talking is not a material change but its who Gigametals is talking too.

All my research just made me all the more curious and anxious at how much I should invest because if they are talking and if no bad news comes out and if a contract will be announced on Battery day and it is indeed Gigametals, I can only see this stock rocket on hype alone, I can’t even imagine how much higher it’ll go up the day after Musk would announce this deal, if it would occur.

Then there’s the dark side of this investment; Gigametals although are sitting on this days equivalent to a massive oil find have less than one year of cash on hand, according to Simply Wallstreet and if news turns south that there’s no more talking or ANY negative news moving Musk/Tesla away from Gigametals, this stock is going to crash like a carton of eggs hitting the floor.

I’ve decided to play it safe and put in what I could afford to lose, (I know boring right) although everything in me is screaming, “all in”, but I can always increase my position and keep my eyes peeled for any signs of bad news.

Theres also the worrisome factor that this is and was and still is a penny stock, do the day trading penny stock rules still apply here, is it still buy on hype and sell on news, buy the rumor and sell on news if Elon Musk is involved, does it even matter, will those guys get short squeezed if everyones going long on the 22nd…..

Its hard to say because right now we got so much to calculate, cost is easily manageable with these three guys, Elon Musk, The Canadian Government and The beautiful province of British Columbia; why do I include those other two players because they too have apart in saving the environment and this is huge, of course if everyone stays true to their word of trying to save the environment. Plus we can all help pay for this project with the carbon tax since this project is a green project and that’s what it was meant for, protecting the environment right, wink wink, I mean, I’ll feel a hell of alot better knowing I’m not just being punished for CO2 emissions but that its funding a good cause for my fellow Canadians and this is a global win as well.

This project saves the oceans down in Indonesia because the dirty process is being dumped into the ocean, there’s no forced labor and Canada has high safety standards and it’ll create massive amount of employment and with covid creating havoc on nearly all industries, this would help us big time.

If on Battery day Tesla announces that Gigafactory has won this long term contract, all Canadians should jump off their couches as if their hockey team just won the Stanley cup because it’s a huge win for Canada and the planet.

By Aidan Lock

Commentary writer for Betweenplays Stockmarket&Sports Blog.