Incredible tear on hype, is Elon Musk really in discussions with Gigametals!

Is it possible is Gigametals really in discussion with Elon Musk and could they win the long Tesla contract that Elon Musk spoke about at Tesla’s quarterly results?!

If this is the case it will have saved the Turnagain deposit up in the BC area, the Turnagain deposit is sad to hold over 40 000 Tonnes of Nickel per year as the worlds first carbon neutral mine.

The Turnagain Deposit has called out Elon Musk when Musk stated that he will give a contract to any company in the world that will extract EV Battery needed minerals such as Nickel Lithium and cobalt if they can extract safely and with Zero Net Carbon footprint, not to long after Gigametals stated publicly in response that they could indeed achieve this.

Gigametals stocks started to rise on the possibility that Musk might respond in kind and take a look at the potential. Gigametals even stated publicly that they would use BC Hydro to extract what they need and utilize carbon capture technology but after looking at where the deposit is located its not so easy to access, that being said, the cash needed for this project has to come from deep pockets.

The Turnagain project is solely owned and is in a cash depleting position, if they don’t find the cash they need they could be in serious trouble within the next two years, could’ve Elon musks words at the Tesla’s quarterly have been the angels voice to Gigametals, I believe it was and if I was the CEO of the Turnagain project I would make sure I could prove to Elon Musk that Canada is the perfect place and Gigametals is the perfect company for the Tesla contract.

Canada is regulated and is safety conscience and has every intention of going more green into the future and with McKenna as the finance minister pushing a green agenda and BC going green I can’t see why Gigametals wouldn’t get this contract, if its money they need and its a billion dollars, well with Elon Musk at the helm and this green agenda, I don’t see why BC and the Federal government wouldn’t get involved.

Tesla and Electric Vehicles need the Nickel and other minerals and the Turnagain has other deposits such as platinum and palladium, if its a green agenda, Canada can lead the way in this project and make sure there isn’t a shortage of EV battery minerals and help lower carbon footprint (we pay a carbon tax, well I say put it towards the Turnaagin project), this project will create a massive amount of jobs, from creating roads to supplying electricity to the extraction process and final product.

I invested in Gigametals on the initial hype and I increased my position when Reuters released an article stating that Mr Musk and Gigametals were in discussion and I’ve been waiting all day Friday September 11th 2020 for some to deny or refute the claim but instead the Globe and Mail follows up and so did Electrek news and The Technical times…not one word from Gigametals refuting the conversation although they posted that no material changes has occurred in the company and the key word here is material, and I haven’t heard or seen a tweet that Elon Musk has denied this claim by these news corporations.

I have a hard time believing that Reuters, The Globe and Mail and MSN wouldn’t have done their research before releasing such an article…that being said, I will continuously keep and eye out for any positive or negative news and you should too, could it be that this was written in the stars as Elon Musk is opening Gigafactories and gigabytes is how he’s made his money, its just fitting that Gigametals falls into this mix as the worlds carbon neutral mine with the Nickel he and the world needs for EV batteries, I mean, you can’t make this up and with Elon Musk stating he has announcements to make on September 22rd being Battery Day; Gigametals stock will just keep going up on hype alone.

This is my opinion and you should do your research before investing in any stock.

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.