The American Flag and The White House

Only the future truly knows what will happen and what direction the country will go in but we believe that only one direction will stay the course and test time.

This is the green agenda!

With Biden as President of the United States some things were made evidently clear, The President elect and official President after this day, President Joe Biden Is going green.

He has openly stated that he will get back into the Paris accord agreement and make sure that China is on board and he made it clear in the last debate how he felt about oil.

Green is not a phase or some trend, it is the new way of the world and there are limits set in ink and signed in agreements across the globe and as the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword.

At Betweenplays, we believe that relations with China will also be restored and this has meaning for he Stockmarket as China has also extended its hand in wishing to repair damages between the two countries and make sure they are on the world economic stage (American Stockmarket), will the Delisting executive order created under Trump be squashed, maybe amended or what if it remains the status Quo…we need to know.

This in turn is leading us into many different choices in the Stockmarket and eliminating choices in relation to the SARS coronavirus (covid19) at the same time opening up others.

As the pandemic slowly seems to be turning into an endemic, we worry about the hard hit sectors as we head into a second year of potential closures or at least until we get most of the population inoculated, we need to worry about the world as well and how long will we be immune against SARS Covid19 after inoculation.

Therefore, as a second year throws a dark veil across the hard hit sectors, creating a well calculated play into one more of uncertainty, we have turned to the green agenda, the future of online gaming, technology, ecommerce and oils as those in Gevo able to bring GHG to Netzero; not to say that we have not made any of those plays but we really like the new opportunities we see in front of us is all.

Neo Lithium is top of the list with CATL backing them, CATL is the largest Battery Maker on the planet, EV sector, Home Storage and much more, i urge anyone in investing to go and learn about the giant that will be consuming lithium by the tons and NLC is the supplier that will constantly need to feed the beast.

Nio-Tesla or any other EV car manufacturer is in pole position when you look at the next ten years.

ACDC with its tech weighted against the Goliath Tesla is something worth taking a chance on, we put in what we could afford to lose but as more news comes out and revenue starts coming in, we will certainly up our position.

Gevo is the answer to the Airline industry and so much more with GEVO technology, it is the answer to reducing GHG in a wide range of vehicles without changing the way they are built, we believe this will allow for a binary world between GEVO and Electrified world but we do still believe the electrified world will take over in the long run as people will flock to vehicles at a par price and inexpensive electric vehicles. Now GEVO may be the only answer for certain things for many many years to come but they align perfectly with the Cradle to Cradle system so we’re very bullish on them and lets not forget that Gevo’s scientist is now on President Elect Biden’s scientific team.

Solar-Wind and other green techs are definitely looking more green if you know what I mean.

SARS Covid19 also has created the opening or the boost in the Telehealth sector and we believe that CloudMD and Skylight Health Group have healthy futures.

Online gaming was already at new heights in 2019 with the winner of Fortnite banking over 3 million dollars, netting more than that of first place of Wimbledon and Masters and in 2020, its taken on the speed of the bullet train.

ESE is our choice for online gaming and this may entertain a high growth stock in an ever evolving and growing sector with the right combination of management and know how.

JD in the ecommerce area is definitely one for the books and honestly shocking that it is still so inexpensive. I’m sure the days of an affordable ecommerce stock of this calibre wont last for this asian giant ecommerce stock, in our opinion JD’s share price is bargain basement and set to rise.

The list goes and these are only some of our plays…more will be said in time and we will definitively get into details in future articles and on our YouTube Channel.

Right now, we need to focus on the new President of the United States and watch closely what will happen next as our fingers get ready to hit the buy and sell button.


Always remember that our Motto is Research Prepare-plan Execute, this is our stock plays, we offer our pics and our insight for entertainment purposes and you should seek the help of a financial advisor if needed…no emotional plays; Stay Strong.

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.