CloudMD, the future is now.

CloudMD in our opinion is the future of healthcare; increasing access to healthcare for the patient and the doctor, no one has the business model to revolutionize healthcare as CloudMD has!

Its the year 2020, is there really any reason for us to be sitting in a clinic for hours on end because our kids had a slight fever or what if you just need a doctors note or prescription which should take only a few minutes, why would we want – in 2020 – still wait in a wait in an overcrowded waiting room with other people that are more sick than we are!

Overcrowded waiting rooms and long wait times

We are currently living in the year 2020 and technology can only move as fast as the people using it of course, as generations move forward, we can see the emergence of new and improved ways to deal with certain situations and one of those is healthcare. One day we will look back at healthcare and newer generations will see waiting rooms as an unintelligent method of care since all we do is maximize exposure to other peoples germs. Imagine if we went back during the Black Plague and asked everyone to come to clinics instead of a doctor doing home visits! The insanity of that question alone is laughable, now to the present, how worried are patients of a doctor knowing they just came back from seeing someone with Covid-19, the solution is distance and that means Telehealth!

The practice has changed and will change again or Debt will rule.

As a child I recall I had a doctor that would visit my home every time my sister or I fell ill, I also recall him saying the days of doctors performing home visits were gone and no one is going to be doing it anymore and then I heard and listened attentively to Dr Hamza give a few interviews and I see the genuine nature of his character and I believe him, the infrastructure of the health care system monetarily doesn’t work and its debt burden is way too much a for any country to sustain in the long run unless reform is established or new technology allows for a new process and that technology is here today; Telehealth allows for an in your hands, at all times, call on a smart phone to a doctor, its like having a doctor in your contact list that’ll care for you on the spot; this is the new frontier. The doctor will once again do an in person visit but instead of bringing their trusty brown leather handbag, they’re now available to you on your phone, tablet or PC whether IOS or Android and with an easily downloadable app.

The primary care CloudMD offers to the overall patient care is a one stop care solution with appointments or CloudMD On Demand (virtual care clinic), access to your own Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Infoway with Health Canada, benchmark (Antworks), Snapclarity, as well as other acquisitions and their brick and mortar full patient care clinic footprints in the areas they serve…according to Dr. Hamza no one has ever tied all the pieces of a patient as a whole one stop shop for the patient as well as the ability for companies to have access to this and they now have the pieces of the puzzle to offer their service to Fortune 500 companies.

What does this mean for shareholders

CloudMD is now able to offer a one stop shop to Fortune 500 companies and a subscription base multi year low cost contract and the companies will not have to triage a customer, CloudMD will do everything, insurance companies are very important in this area as well and this in turn means the stock price at where its at now will just continue to climb.

CloudMD has over 50 million dollars after closing all acquisitions and these acquisitions grow the overall revenue and have a base run rate of over 35 million and massive organic growth.

Dr Hamza says that Teladoc does not have the footprint that CloudMD has.

CloudMD is stating they are looking to eventually going TSX and Nasdaq!

In our Opinion

CloudMD believes they will become a household name and in our opinion we have to agree with CloudMD’s Dr Hamza as everyone will be be able to access CloudMD from a phone, tablet, computer, IOS or Android, Pharmacy, brick and mortar footprint, whether its for the sniffles, chronic illness, comorbidity or full patient care for all ages, short or long term medical needs, by appointment or sitting in a virtual waiting room with CloudMD On Demand, access to your EMR, psychological or physical care, whether its for your own needs or employment issues or insurance related, the list goes on because CloudMD is a one stop shop and that is a proven system; just look at Amazon or Walmart!

In our opinion CloudMD with Dr Hamza at the helm will be the future of healthcare and a high growth stock.

CloudMD is the future of healthcare and its low overhead allows for the possibility of universal healthcare and high stock growth

By Albert Lock

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