Advancement of Technology Applied in Healthcare

Yesterday told a great story, the resiliency of CloudMD!

Before the markets opened November 9th 2020, Pfizer announced that their vaccine was over 90% effective in combatting the Coronavirus mostly known as Covid19 but Doctor Hamza has always stated that they are not about Covid19 and doesn’t even talk about it, but they do have the tools if needed.

Doctor Hamza has always stated that they are what the medical system needs to fix a broken, fractured and expensive system that governments just sees it as a necessary liability, but that’s not only Dr Hamza’s voice you hear speaking, through his words, he’s echoing the sentiment of countries around the world including ours, its actual fact, all governments know that health care needs revolutionizing technology to help them decrease the cost of healthcare, its a government’s biggest expense, in the USA that number was as high as 1.2 trillion (see link below) and in Canada it was near 264 Billion (see link below) in 2019 for both countries!

Doctor Hamza has been at this since 2003, starting with HealthVue and then moving onto the internet stage with Premier Health which later became CloudMD, if you want some track record you can go to DOCRF in its over the counter (OTC) stock and you’ll get a better picture of CloudMD’s history.

Naturally with a company still in its infancy only making the TSXV in July under CloudMD and with a Covid Vaccine from Pfizer, we are hoping that the stock rallies on forward because CloudMD was never meant to tackle covid, it was and is meant to tackle a failing industry and revolutionize it.

Why are some people worried?

Naturally, CloudMD still a relatively small company, 96% of the investors are the general public and we know that peoples memories are short and a partial amount may move onto stocks that are surging in this instant, but is this a short sighted view, do I think CloudMD will go up.

I would think so yes, because I look to Teladoc for a little comparison, Teladoc is big and its stock is in the range of 200$ a share in this covid19 world, but, what was the stock worth in pre-covid19. In 2019 Teladoc had a share price in the range of 70$, now imagine if that’s the future of CloudMD, post covid19 with its technology and capability of full patient healthcare, imagine if all we need to do is wait.

Why should we wait or hold onto CloudMD?

There’s reasons for us to wait and one of them is a broken system, the second is the fact that this may be the answer to inexpensive universal healthcare (especially in the USA), there’s no more planning a full day to go see a doctor with your kids and packing lunches, diapers, toys, iPads and lose several hours of your life and don’t get me started on 13 hour hospital waits…I could go on but you get the picture.

Doctor Hamza gave up his practice and always talks about his family and friends being involved in the company and his and their way out is our way out! Therefore if you take all these reasons and the fact that Telehealth has gained exposure because of covid19, we should maybe just be happy with the fact we got turned onto this new industry because of covid and put our faith in Dr. Hamza and a new emerging industry…

Here’s a pretty powerful example?

All I can say is this, in the year 1997, 2000, 2010 not many people believed that people would “online shop” because everyone wants to try clothes on and see if the fit is right and how they look in it in general or if you have kids, does it fit right, does it have room for your kids to grow into it a little and then there’s the need to touch the fabric, if its itchy, silky and so much more. Clothes shopping is way more personal because of how we show ourselves to the world around us but look at 2020 and look at Amazon now from 1.96$ to over 3000$ a share, we could also look at Wish and other online retailers, look at their market Cap or look at all the retail stores closing down in bankruptcies like the once huge giants of retail “Sears” that didn’t stand a chance and failed to move onto Online retail because of exactly that, a lack of foresight, the reason to not believe in the power of home shopping, to sit in your pyjamas and shop, to not drag your screaming kids in to stores although Sears was the giant of mail in shopping going back in time with their massive Sears catalogue, how did they not see the move onto the internet, its nearly incomprehensible, they should’ve technically just taken their catalogue online but failed to believe in the power that people place in the importance when in comes to time management and comfort. We could also look at others moving into online shopping as forever 21 has done, they went as far as to shut down its retail business and only sell online and we can’t believe the the medical system won’t do the same, my God, the internet is the medical systems saving grace for Governments around the world, Doctors and Patients!

Medical Insanity!

If online shopping can beat retail shopping, its nearly a guarantee seeing a doctor from home will definitely be the answer too: long waits, sitting next to sick people coughing without blocking their mouths, picking their nose, allowing their sick kids to come next to yours because you packed an iPad with Paw Patrol on it and now you’re the centre of attention trying to keep your kids near you as snots run down other kids faces that’s now in your circle of trust, only because their parents are also exhausted and think you’re their free babysitter. We don’t only have to look at kids in Telehealth, how about just needing that doctors note, getting a referral, a prescription, getting your results via seeing a doctor online or through the EMR section, needing access to your electronic medical records and so much more….why should a person with comorbidity conditions have to get to a hospital when they can see their doctors regularly from home, or those with pre-existing conditions, mental health, kinesiology, occupational therapy, psychologist as well as psychiatrists…Imagine sitting at home waiting for a doctor to see you online as your kids play outside or watch tv or do a learning activity as you drink your coffee!

CloudmD is a one stop shop and they can see you for the sniffles, Dr’s notes, prescription refills, full patient care and more and in any fashion you need, by appointment or waiting in a virtual waiting room that allows you to move around the house freely washing dishes or do whatever you need to do in your house as you wait in CloudMd On Demand and you get this all through their app.

In our Opinion!

Yes, it can be worrisome because Covid19 made us look towards Telehealth but honestly can you really look away now?! Covid has opened our eyes, has shown us a future industry in its very beginnings, its one of those stocks you only see down the line and its too expensive already to buy, thinking; “I never thought of that industry, how long has it been there…”, well, here we are, in its beginnings, I don’t want to look back and regret getting out because of fear that a vaccine may have put a stick in my spokes. When it comes to this stock Dr. Hamza is eyeing the TSX, Nasdaq, Global Markets, and has stated that he didn’t get in this to be second, analysts keep upgrading CloudMD not including that Governments and we the people need a real solution, given all this; CloudMD is the one stock that fits the bill!

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.