CloudMD! When people will hear this name across nations in ten to twenty years from now, they’ll wish they got into the stock at these prices and held on, Covid19 has forced us to look at new ways to help patients, Doctors and the health system in general.

Quick Picture

Cloudmd is currently undervalued so the potential too make a big gain on a 2.62$ stock, is very strong – Yahoo puts them between 3.25 to 3.80 average of 3.45$ and that was before closing most recent acquisition of RE:Function rehabilitation clinic network which brings over 5.8 million in revenue and over 19% margins after EBITDA, adding more to the bottom line and profits in the millions to what they currently have with high margins too…they have over 50 million in cash and a base run rate of over 35 million, with a strong balance sheet and they are not stopping there!

Motley Fool and others consider it a stock set to Soar and a strong investment strategy for a TFSA account and it’s in the disruptive stock sector (ARK investment likes disruptive stocks and Telehealth) and ARK investments believe to achieve high growth Disrutpive stocks is the way to grow!


Dr. hamza graduated in 1999 and in 2003, he started acquiring medical clinics (4 of them) under the name of HealthVue. In 2013, he eventually grew this into PremierHealth; as the internet became more capable of handling bigger loads and the speed became more capable of handling certain tasks, Dr. Hamza did not waste a moment, seizing his opportunity, under PremierHealth, they partnered up with IBM and later purchased a Cloud based integration system and incorporated an app to continue the growth from a solid foundation ground up organically and in 2020 they changed their name to CloudMD in order to drive the future and direction of Telehealth.

The CEO’s human side and vision

I find it highly important to note that Dr. Hamza in my opinion based on my past careers, by watching his non verbal and actively listening to his message and his responses to peoples questions shows us that he is a caring, truthful and highly intelligent family man, that truly cares about his patients! An easy way of putting words to action is in his view of pharmaceutical drugs versus Cannabis, Dr Hamza believes that prescribing certain drugs like OxyContin is not the answer and may have negative effects when a cannabis alternative treatment may be the better option for the patient and in 2019 under PremierHealth through Juno, a tool they own, they will eventually be able to aid Doctor’s to prescribe the right treatment of cannabis concerning that patient; this is highly important concerning medical marijuana, because medical marijuana is fairly new and Doctors have not been taught which ones are right for which case.

To add to all this insanity, Dr Hamza (CEO/Owner) gave up his practice to get this puppy going and he always tells everyone in his interviews that his family/friends are shareholders and that he didn’t get into this to be number two…

Some Information concerning the International Stage


There was an LOI with China’s 360 Health a Telehealth company in China, its parent company 360 security technology has a market capitalization of over 20 Billion, this LOI was made under PremierHealth in 2019. Dr Hamza had to put this on hold because of the Covid19 virus turning the industry on its head and putting Telemedicine front and center in America; Dr Hamza has stated that he had no choice but to do this in order to focus on his Canadian and American strategy, as the marathon has turned into a sprint for the market.


CloudMD have made acquisition after acquisition, they have acquired benchmark and a partnership with Antworks in New Delhi India; Benchmark puts them on the map across the USA in 35 states through CloudMD’s app and is a very important acquisition in the grand scheme of things. In my opinion, the partnership with Antworks may eventually open a door into India, Antworks still owns 12.5% of Benchmark whereas CloudMD owns 87.5% and remains a strategic partner in global growth.


Through Benchmark CloudMD have access to the United States and have started buying clinics, they will open their app in the USA in the same manner they will open it up in Canada, footprint first, open app, CloudMD is well positioned for the American market as well, with a low cost coverage and the USA’s need for Universal Health care, we can see massive growth in this market.


CloudMD has also partnered up with Infoways through Health Canada they can send prescriptions to any pharmacy in Canada and have National access to doctors and more, through their app they have access to doctors and patients throughout all of Canada1, CloudMd believes in doing things the right way, boots on the ground to complete their full patient one stop shop and they fully own all their technology and therefore are not involved in revenue sharing nor do they need to discuss anything with a third party vendor because they own everything, they are the only Telehealth – Teleservice to have this full patient centric concierge model and Canada and Canadians will benefit form this Partnership, CloudMD also own clinics and are in pharmacies!

From .CDN to the .TSXV, when are we going to the TSX (.TO) and Nasdaq?

Dr Hamza in The Wall Street Reporter stated that the time seems right to start thinking of going to the TSX (watch video, click the link below) as they were the number 3 most sought out stock in the exchange and that may translate into a NASDAQ flip too, once this is done institutional investors will start lining the coffers!

I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens even earlier than that and here’s why.

WorldCongress Digital Health et al.

November seems to be Digital health month and contains The WorldCongress Digital Health Week and many things are taking place and being talked about not only there;

1) Covid19 has highlighted the need of Telehealth in a covid19 world but more importantly.

2) Covid19 has accelerated the need for Telehealth even if it were gone tomorrow because we have seen how practical and cost efficient it is.

3) In the realm of Mental Health in Telehealth will be front and center and CloudMD owns Snapclarity.

4) Full patient care in the Telehealth industry will be extremely important in Comorbidity2 cases and may change palliative care.

5) No need to waste your time seeing Dr. for a simple Dr’s note or refilling prescriptions.

6) Logistics of parent to child health visits or emergency room visits; If your children or yourself have the sniffles, the flu or something that should pass, seeing a Doctor online is much better than waiting up to 12 hours or more in a hospital emergency room with a ton of other sick people and lets not forget the logistics of it all and how impatient we and our children will become because we’re stuck in a chair not wanting our kids to walk around or have other kids come try and watch your iPad because PawPatrol is playing for your kid and you’ve become centre of attention as their parents sigh in relief and you’ve become a babysitter to 5 sick kids.

7) The government needs a way to scale down the expenses allocated or associate to the health care industry, the expense the government spends on healthcare is one of the biggest expenses on their balance sheet and it needs to be scaled down drastically.

8) A lot of Doctors aren’t satisfied with the old ways of doing things and find the old system inefficient, frustrating and not a way to live.

9) Concerning CloudMD’s own virtual conferences, CloudMD is a one stop shop that no one else has, this may be a focus point at the meetings on November 23rd and with Desjardins this week on November 24th.

With all that being said, even novice investors know about Telehealth and are aware of the Digital health World Congress as the one taking place in London England November 26/27.

We have seen Telehealth companies join the markets and make quick changes, mergers and acquisitions, this only happens in the growth stages of an industry and we’re in Pole Position!

Years of building

The list is endless we can start with his experience in the health care industry from his student days to becoming a Doctor and business man/Doctor, CloudMD has a successful easy to use app to see doctor’s, you can access EMR3 through it, they can do full patient health care for short or long term patients or just see people for a Doctor’s note; all online from your phone, tablet, PC whether its IOS or Android or in pharmacy and they have boots on the ground if needed. They have Artificial Intelligence, they can do a full diagnostic remotely, you can wait in CloudMD’s On Demand virtual waiting room to see a Doctor immediately for patients, pharmacies, insurance companies and employers or you can book an appointment with a Doctor and soon see your Doctor of choice or your own family Doctor if they choose to use CloudMD and you will continuously be able to see the same Doctor if needed and this will be happening soon.

In order to get a real historical on this company we advise everyone to take a week to look at every article under HealthVue, Premier Health and then CloudMD, it’s impossible to put in one article what Dr HAmza has done in its nearly 20 years of work starting with his first 4 clinics under HealthVue, we highly recommend you look into this company and understand why Dr. Hamza is so sure he stands out from the rest.

Mental Health

Through Snapclarity you can see a Mental health practitioner immediately or book an appointment as well, their artificial intelligence bot will complete the triage, ask you questions and refer you to the right type of mental health practitioner, this is done in order to have you see the right specialist; this is highly important, you will not see a mental health practitioner for an anxiety attack when you really need a specialist in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)!

Group created for Global expansion and M&A

CloudMD has recently put a group of talented people together to create the chairman’s expert advisory board together to further acquisitions mergers and to grow the company internationally on the world stage.

Fortune 500 Companies and Insurance Companies

CloudMD through their integrated platforms, accessibility, full patient monitoring and quick service will be highly beneficial to Fortune 500 companies because through Benchmark they have the capability to shorten the wait for a Doctor or specialist from 3 months up to year in the public system, this area is highly important for patients and companies as employees are assets to the company and any person missing is a piece of the whole missing, an injured employee waiting at home for a specialist also adds to other factors that may contribute to more harm than good and this translates into a massive monetary, physical and intellectual loss to the company, CloudMD is a low cost solution to a serious issue in this area of healthcare!

For Insurance Companies CloudMD is also an asset because minimizing time out of work for non work related injuries allows the insurance companies to maximize its efficiency and become proactive through CloudMD’s full patient care and mental health department.

Introspective analysis

Dr. Hamza has stated in the past and in todays Wall Street Reporter, that they are the only Telehealth company to provide a complete full patient centric health care system. Now lets take a step back and put this into context, Teladoc is near 200$ a share, but no one offers what CloudMD offers in terms of a full patient health care centric system all easily accessible through a simple easy to use 5 star app for doctors, patients, Pharmacies, insurance companies, small medium or Fortune 500 companies, and there’s just so much more because this journey was built ground up starting in 2003, if that doesn’t make you step back and think of this companies potential think of this; Why would Dr Hamza state they have the only full care patient centric system if they didn’t, you see, I don’t believe that Dr Hamza would put himself open to legal ramifications after 20 years of hard work building this puppy up, he is way too intelligent and hard working for that; then you must consider he gave up his practice and locks in the importance about the well being of his family and friends as shareholders in CloudMD, with that being said.

In our opinion

We’re bullish on CloudMD, investing in this company is a no brainer!

I would highly suggest you look at the video below and all of Dr Hamza’s interviews as well as research all the acquisitions under PremierHealth and CloudMD and you’ll see that this is a very serious company!

Please click here for direct link to Wall Street Reporters interview with DR HAMZA
  1. The app works throughout all of Canada but CloudMD must open the function for the specific province, this will be done once a clinic is on the ground.
  2. Comorbidity such as diabetes, heart disease, psychiatric condition, hypertension, substance abuse…
  3. Electronic Medical Records

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.