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CloudMD, They are the only Telehealth to offer payments through our Canadian medicare card throughout all of our Canadian provinces with ease through a seamless app.

Every Telehealth company that charges their clients using out of pocket payments is in a bad position and in my opinion non competitive, once CloudMD enters all provinces, their clients are not going to be using cash payment Telehealth anymore, they will switch to CloudMD, maybe a select few will stay, but not many, in general it is not logical to pay for a service our taxes cover.

“This article will not be focusing on CloudMD’s strong balance sheet or their cash rich position, we all know about that, being in the game so long and that is not what we are focused on anyways right now. If you want all information and are a new investor, I urge you, strongly insist even, to go look at our previous articles here at Betweenplays, go to our search menu and type in CloudMD or go to our YouTube channel for your viewing experience, go to Sedar too under DOC or DOCRF.”

Let us get back to our article at hand; why would any person, including institutions or companies always doing everything to better their bottom line pay out of pocket for fragmented Telehealth, this is Canada and we have a socialistic style Nationwide health care system in place and CloudMD is Concierge service too, it is a no brainer as for the individual and it is a no brainer for companies.

If you are Canadian and you’ve ever lived in one province but needed to see a doctor in another province because that is where you were when you got sick or injured, you would know there is documents to fill so that your home province reimburses the province that took care of you, if you do not have your original provinces medicare, the process is much longer, CloudMD is a major solution for this and eliminates the red tape too.

If you are a Telehealth company from outside Canada, good luck getting approval to tap into our socialistic medicare tax paying system, read the Canadian Health Act.

There is other reasons why it is so difficult to get usage of the medicare card but CloudMD did it and the Government of Canada and CloudMD seem to be interlinking a strong solution to our health care gaps and ever increasing medical costs.

Even having control of our own EMR is amazing, I went through something with my son and just tying to get his file was a long and arduous process, when we needed it ASAP, but with CloudMD no more difficulty getting documents pertaining to our health as they offer EMR; no more going through red tape that takes so much time to get.

IMO; When CloudMD is on the .TO investors, Institutions, Companies, Caisses and Banks will -as they have- start pouring in. They will be highly interested and money will be buying up shares and all those that have been patient will see their .80$ stock share increase exponentially as CloudMD takes their place amongst the best companies on the exchange along side names like Air Canada, Suncor, Shopify…in the future, let us remember in the very near past CloudMD was bumping shoulders amongst the top five big names as we traded alongside Tesla and Apple; as a Venture Stock insane…imagine when they are no longer a Venture stock on to TSX and NASDAQ and open in Quebec and Ontario.

When Quebec and Alberta get added, we will see a giant of a company, CloudMD will have access to nearly 90% of the Canadian population through medicare payments and on your phone, tablet, mac or PC (IOS or Android), other provinces and territories will just fall into place. Who wants to use complicated systems, or take extra step systems (like go on webpages and always login) when you have a seamless app with everything in it, utilizing our tax paying system with a tap of an app; its the best of all worlds in one package. Why, Because no matter what other companies offer, people will use CloudMD’s extremely easy to use APP and it saves your medicare card as well as your siblings profiles and medicare cards, plus they offer soooooooo much more for individuals and companies it is absolutely crazy.

I don’t want to get into my life at this moment but suffice it to say I understand extremely well full healthcare clinics, they work, they easily process specialized visits. The fact that the medical industry is fragmented and getting a public MRI can take up to two (2) years wait is insane for the patient and a company waiting for their worker, let us not forget to add the three months wait to get the appointment after the results are in, just to read it to you; the mental health worries of the worker is at risk the longer they are away from their position and getting proper treatment.

I’ve also seen full day lineups at full health care clinics aiding aging people as I was treated for 8 hours a day for 3 months in ergotherapy, in a process of healing that took me years, Teleheahelth will be an answer for the aging population as many issues can be covered over Telehealth freeing up the footprint clinics for needed personalized access.

These full health clinics such as Kinatex, Physimed, Concordia Physio (CBI) Esprit Sport and others are not easy to come by but there is always the possibility to acquire independent ones and linking them together as one unit through different locations.

Summ Up:

We could have done it, financials, graphs, acquisitions like IMDhealth, Infoways, Snapclarity, Benchmark, Canadian Government relationship, USA government relationship, CMD, Aspiria corp, Medical Confidence, Humanacare, Idya4, Mental health commission of Canada and IMD health Global announcing a partnership, covid19 becoming endemic as the scientists predict, why would you want to go to a clinic or hospital unless absolutely necessary or the logistics of it with children argh…the list goes on, we could’ve talked forever about it, but that would be too easy so we won’t mention it ;).

In My Opinion:

Patience is key now, nothing else, its all about taking a Warren Buffet type strategy, do you like the company, do you like what they offer, do you believe in it, does it have value and does it add value…CloudMD is the solution when it comes down to everything we covered in this article and much more, so much more…Patience is Key.

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By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.