Stock Market’s Downfall

How long will it take for us to really crash the market. The question is a valid one, we’ve been talking about this imminent crash for years now, well at least since 2018, I mean its hard to deny the reality of the western worlds debt vs GDP output and then the virus showed up in our lives just when things started getting hot; its like being in the matrix.

I’m not contesting the virus’s existence nor how contagious this virus is through its viral sheddings’, maybe we should use the sneeze machine to find out just how much is truly expelled from a patient in multiple scenarios including taking into account the hosts and their genetic makeup and how the virus has affected them. I mean if the machine can count the viral shedding of the flu, we should be able to gain some true insight into just how contagious this SARS Coronavirus truly is.

Thats right, this is a SARS coronavirus, similar to the one in 2003 but not the same. There are many types of coronavirus’s, there are four types that cause the common cold, that circulate the globe endemically. Every year our four common types mutate and circulate amongst us as we travel internationally without a single thought of just how deadly a virus can be to one race but not another; just ask the Native Indians how European virus’s decimated their people when we came to colonize the America’s.

We fly, we cruise, we plan on creating interplanetary space travel making Mars a second home planet one day. We need to get serious on educating ourselves in technology, health and matters that pollute our environment, what we put into our system/to protect human kind against the virus threat, we need to become health conscious.

The common cold coronavirus, is considered mild but there are the more severe ones like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). The problem with the current virus ravaging parts of the planet is the fact it belongs to the SARS variant (Severe Acute Respiratory Disorder), SARS was never seen in humans before 2003.

This type of virus, the SARS virus of 2003 infected some 29 Countries parts of the world beginning February 2003 and contained in July 2003 with a mortality rate of 10%; since 2004 to 2019, there was not one known case on the planet, so what happened, how do these two compare, is it the same virus that mutated, well according to this research, the virus is not from the same family.

We don’t know; that’s the truth of it all, supposedly there’s no crispr to state that this SARS was/is genetically modified or that it truly came out of a wet market because no one was allowed to enter until too much time elapsed…so many questions surrounds all of this.

Supposedly this SARS came out in September or October of 2019, a Chinese Dr named Dr. Li Wenliang tried to warn the world of this latest SARS outbreak, he sadly passed away from the virus February 2020.

Others came out screaming for help as the lawyer, media, journalist Chen Quishi was silenced and then went missing, why?

You see this is the problem with this whole situation, how is Wuhan open, its the epicentre, they have millions upon millions of people living on top of one another, impoverished areas but the economy is open at ground zero whereas other parts of the world have government curfews, lockdowns but infection rates rise and death tolls mounts?!?

The insanity of it makes zero sense.

Even our attempts to eradicate a world wide virus which knows no borders, we continue to act indecent of one another in an interlinked monetary system. If I lock down one country but another attempts herd immunity or another flattens the curve; there’s no way to eradicate working like this, every attempt is futile, the results of beating the virus in this manner is equal to hmmmmmm ZERO!

If the world would’ve agreed to shut down for two months in January of 2019, there is a high probability that this disease would’ve been contained…now when I say shut down, I mean world working as one unit shut down, no travel, nothing, zip, nada…if the world did this all at the same time like holding virtual hands on a zoom conference video it may have worked but that’s just like getting every religion to sing Kumbaya My Lord; not likely, even two married people that have kids don’t agree on everything!

Look, no one could have got it right, we are too interlocked, the world is nearly one big miss mash of human interactions, our families live in multiple countries, and our business’s are parked in foreign destinations just so we can travel there to lie on a beach and call it a business expense…there was no one way to beat this without working as one world unit.

You see, we move with a certain freedom between countries but in reality each country is trying to do its best for its people, economic and religious wars exist on a level that sneaks by the ordinary citizen.

So how long can the hard hit sectors maintain this bashing, even those that had full proof balance sheets won’t last another nine months without relief and humans will suffer the same fate if relief doesn’t come soon; they’ll suffer from loneliness, sadness and depression, suicide rates are climbing and divorces are becoming more frequent as households become crowded, turning in circles between four walls and a roof, arguments erupt out of frustration with children in the middle.

Children don’t play with other kids outside anymore because they are not allowed; there’s no sports, no swimming pools, no social interaction unless its via a computer; this may make some internet companies more attractive and useful because of the platform they offer in the technology sector but its a total disaster for the human element of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound, elements that create the human experience; the human soul.

A virus mutates and change over time the Coronavirus is an RNA based virus and will drift and shift, the vaccine makers have taken drift into account. Only if it shifts, moves away from its original sequence will the Pharma companies need to update the vaccine which they are confident they can do therefore making vaccines the solution to our problem and telehealth the new normal; once SARS becomes endemic.

There are those that may say a vaccine was created only to inject us with a nano RFID tracer or to usher in new technology, a technology that allows for the alignment between brick and mortar and the Cloud. All these worries are insignificant, inconsequential, trivial-unimportant in a certain way, because we lost our freedoms already.

We need a solution that allows our children to play outside, go swimming, play sports, vacation anywhere in the world and see our family members that are in their last years on this planet.

We need to be part of the solution or we will just aid in the devastation of the western world in regards to the economy and culture and fulfill a prophecy we put out into the world nearly a year ago, it’s time to get our shit together, we need team work before we sink the ship!

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.