Questions as Road Signs

The last two weeks I watched in curiosity, excitement, awe, surprise and shock. We watched as a group of people ranging from Gen X to Gen Z come together to say no to the establishment that shorting a company over the actual amount of shares outstanding is just wrong, naked shorting is utterly wrong.

Wallstreetbets took a stand and they chose a name they knew well growing up in an age that digital has replaced outdoor sports and arcade centres it was GameStop; even the name itself GameStop, the Game Stops here has a ring that portrays the message these people that have seen their parents wiped out in the 2008 crisis as the big boys coined the term, too big to fail.

As their parents endured the hardest of stresses and time the children watched on differing social media channels, the fat cats just getting fatter and laughing their way too the bank as they increased their salaries or game themselves bonuses with bail out money.

The group Known as WallStreetBets decided as a decentralized service to put their money in a few companies to tell the shorters they weren’t going to stand for it, instead of a stock decreasing as it should’ve or could’ve, it started to rise and rise and rise…

At first no one knew and the stock ballooned from 17.08$ to 483.00$, this unprecedented behaviour caused shorting companies to lose billions namely Citron and Melvin, they reached out as they were being beaten by the rules that exist.

The rules didn’t remain the rules no longer, as a football team that always wins games, this same team met their match and instead of losing one game they called a time out and changed the rules, the new rule was that the winning team was no longer allowed to hold the ball period, the ball belonged to the big boys and they were going to hold onto it like anyone holding the ring in Lord of the Rings; that’s pretty much what happened and Robinhood did not allow retail investors to buy GameStop shares any more but they could sell them.

Naturally this worked in favour to the hedge funds as they needed the stop to depreciate in value.

Some media also took aim at Wallstreetbets stating things like you need experience and should seek advice when the stock was crashing, yes, this was being said as the stock of GameStop was crashing but there was no mention of how Robinhood and then others stopped allowing people from buying the stock or limited the stocks purchase but you could sell the whole lot no problem; it only had down to go.

The next day though, those same news outlets were stating that Wallstreetbets was saying to buy up silver, how funny and what a coincidence that Citadel is a top five holder of Silver. hmmm

There were those backing Wallstreetbets, government officials that never agreed on anything really came to agree on this issue for example Ted Cruz Trump Jr and Alexandria Cortez actually agreed that the little man were getting screwed, then there was social media sensations and like David Portnoy and Patrick Bet-David either shouting for the little guy and/or explaining the absurdity of the shorting game and so was the owner of GameStop; not because his stock was going up (he gave all the profits to Aid David Portnoy in order to support the hard hit mom and pop shops falling out of business due to covid closures) but he understood why these Wallstreetbets people were doing it; he even agreed with them.

I couldn’t believe that there was “allusions” of hedge funds brokers and capital investing companies and brokers teaming up, coming as one centralized unit; it couldnt happen, o because that would be illegal and to do it in order to attack kids on reddit, naaaaaah never, not going to happen.

How did the regulatory bodies respond, well, let us just say I won’t go there.

Anyways, I for years now have not liked what I have seen but from 2015 onwards, it has been an in your face shit show!

I have seen media do things in the last four years that has made my jaw drop and social media do things in the last 2 years, no one has ever witnessed before!

I have seen the same picture having two narratives depending which news channel you watch and during the historical Wallstreetbets hour in limelight I have seen the big boys play ball together in an illegal manner and it seems as though it’s just another day at the ranch.

I read an article in the media the other day the headline stated that the vaccine was 66% effective, now I love my Carnival Cruise Line stock, therefore I must read all the articles and I dont just read headlines, as I was reading it, in the article in one sentence all nicely tucked away in the body I read that the vaccine was 66% effective but was 100% effective against hospitalization and death.

What the fuck does that mean!

Is it 66% effective or is it 100% effective against death and hospitalization, I mean does this vaccine turn this killer virus into the common cold now, how is it only 66% effective if its 100% effective against what we need it to be effective against; hospitalization and death!?!

I must add it has been a few weeks now I have been wondering just why the hard hit sectors are going up and up, have you taken a look at Disney, stop reading and go look, I’ll wait, ok your back good, now go look at the Hilton hotels or MGM for example, they are at 2019 pre-pandemic levels or higher..when did that happen and why hasn’t any media been talking about this, it all happened in silence as our attention was lured elsewhere. Do you recall the ones about the fact we didn’t have enough vaccines and the logistics were not good and the doom and gloom and then POOF the next day, like Harry Potter shit, I read that there’s more people vaccinated than cases, HUH, when did that happen, overnight!?

What has all of this done for us here, for one, it has taught us the value of research, doing your due diligence is more important now than ever before; our Motto: Research Prepare/Plan Execute is more true today than it was two weeks ago and finally Stay Strong; there is no room for emotion in the stock market!

We must stay strong in our research in our plan and in our execution, we must make sure that the company behaves in the exact same way we have planned and remain vigilant as shorters buy up more shares than exist called Naked shorting to make the stock seem like it is falling, similar to a stock dilution for those that don’t understand what I mean.

Shorters are able to short “dilute” shares of a company as if the company shares were decreasing in value although its a mirage, smoke and mirrors in a sense, because they are able to create more shares than exist.

Even if the owner of a company purchased 100% of his shares, shorters could still make its value go down, think of it, because they have the capacity too create counterfeit shares, insane or what, how do we as retail investors have any chance if they decide to keep us down, we can only ban together to win in that game, but as we have witnessed, when we do that, they call out for help and help they will receive.

This means, if you do not believe in your stock because you got into it under someone else advise and you have not done all the research needed, you may get out of it, out of fear and emotion the first time it drops and once the retail investors lose their place, the big boys come in and buy everything up at dirt cheap prices and then stock starts to climb, hmmm, I wonder why!

They want your shares, if you know as much as possible bout a company that you’ve done the research on and like what you see; strong CEO, balance sheets like Fort Knox, a team that’s dedicated to bringing this company into tomorrow, do not give up your shares unless you wanted out in the first place, like lets say something fundamentally changed in that company, do not allow fear and emotional trading take you over.

If you see they are making you look left read and be aware but do not forget to look right, if something is no longer talked about, go find out why, look at the hard hit sectors, look at Disney, look at MGM, look At Hilton hotels…and ask yourself; why did those stocks go up when we had strains of a mutated virus out of the UK and South Africa that put the fear of god into us, why oh why!?!?!

Stay Strong.


BETWEENPLAYS is an entertainment channel and weblog, we are not financial advisors and if you need any financial advice, we strongly suggest you seek a financial planner. We are solely an entertainment median and any stock we talk or write about is solely our opinion of that stock and you should not use it as your own, please do as our Motto states; Research Prepare-Plan and Execute…the research being number one and when uncertain, get that financial advisors help!

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.