Say what you will but here at Betweenplays, we are excited, like teenagers at an ACDC rock concert 😉

How fitting and electrifying is it that their ticker symbol holds so much meaning, one of the greatest rock bands ever with Angus Young playing the guitar with movements that defy logic as he plays a mental riff to Thunderstruck and let me tell you we’re Thunderstruck, Electrified.

ACDC also bears the meaning of Alternating Current, Direct Current and this is the known battle of the economy regarding these two competing systems of design to mass produce for the end consumer.

ACDC is making headlines like mad, on our YouTube Channel we stated that this was a stock to get into at .20 cents, we also stated that it was speculative as we pointed out to their cash on hand, but with all the headlines they are making today, it seems good times are around the corner.

Here is some examples of todays articles:

ACDC has launched their preorder sales of the Ionix as they stated they would, you can go to this website to make your orders of a technology they say is “The Most Advanced Battery Technology on the market”.

Did you catch that, they consistently state they are the most advanced battery technology on the market, look at whom they compare themselves to in in their last articles, TESLA and say their tech is better, but you should click the link for even more on it.

They also recently launched the TITAN view here.

One of their last articles states that they secure to be the sole provider of ESS for EcoVille development from Home Storage solutions to EV charging station a near Cradle to Cradle project.

Let us not forget the blockchain a.i. data technology they have or the recyclable battery technology.

There’s no denying the future is a green one and the Biden administration made that clear on day one (1) striking down the Keystone Pipeline project.

Our Approach:

BETWEENPLAYS has purchased shares of Extreme Vehicle Battery Technology ($ACDC) at the stock price of .20, we believe that the future is green and investing into something you believe in as Warren Buffet states is the best way to go, because, you are invested in the company and what it is offering, if it tanks, you will feel bad for the project itself failing, you wanted to see it grow, you will not feel the overall anger associated in losing an amount of money in something you do not believe in, he also states to invest in what you know and what offers long term value; amongst many bits of wisdom over his years of value investing.

There is also Ark investments Cathy Woods that takes calculated risks in the disruptive sector based on serious research and forward projections.

Ray Dalio with his diversified portfolio techniques.

There’s so many people to learn from but for us here ACDC aligns perfectly in our portfolio;

We have done our own homework, used our own investing researching techniques.

Ev is the future.

This company has had its comparison chart up against Tesla for a while, today they launch their preorders of IONIX and continue to say they are the best on the market, which is a bold statement when you have Tesla battery technology on the market and ACDC seems to have no fear from a company that is worth billions; it would basically cost Tesla an irrelevant, minute, microscopic, – nooooo – nanoscopic amount to have his law team create a cease and desist order if ACDC were fraudulent.

We should also like to add that such technology may be of interest to Mr Musk and he would be easily able to buy out this company and incorporate it, imagine what that could mean for shareholders; it would be hard to believe that they are not looking into this, the statements are bold in your face and cannot just be ignored.

Regardless, according to their website, ACDC has home storage (ionix), industrial storage (Titan), EV charging stations, competitive prices, Renewable recyclable Battery Technology, Blockchain DATA technology (a.i.).

On their new webpage they show a phone notifying of charging times..

They have Blockchain tokenized carbon credits…TCC BMS ESS…

They confidently put their technology up against the best.

There’s just too much for one article but here’s our take including Cradle to Cradle.


Our portfolio is well diversified in the ways of Bridgewaters Associates Ray Dalio, we take calculated chances in the disruptive sector as Ark investments Cathy Woods and in value stocks as Berkshire Hathaways Warren Buffet style, we also utilize methods from other big name investors and we have our own style intermixed to create our Betweenplays methodology.

Based on all this, in my opinion:

We have taken a calculated speculative monetary decision based on a stock that is high risk, we have weighed the return on investment and invested an amount we can afford to lose, the stakes are too high not to invest.

We are bullish on Extreme battery technology.

Check out their awesome site and go to investors and click link for corporate address and contact information.


Betweenplays Motto: Research Prepare/plan Execute…Stay Strong no emotional plays

Please seek help of a financial advisor when investing, we are an entertainment offering our knowledge and life experiences, we are not a finance company.

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.