This article provides a look into my friends stuck in dead end stocks and why I see Brunswick Exploration Corp as a once in a lifetime all in play for me (My Opinion Of Course). Tickers $BRW.V and $BRWXF!

What I’ve seen is in my opinion the worst way of investing in the Stockmarket, staying static in stocks that are no longer hot, no news for the CEO’s, no marketing campaign, no valuation growth, the Market changes and we need to change with the Market…(Going all in isn’t smart either but thats how I bought my triplex, married my wife, had kids and bought my family home, became a Police Officer and then Retired, started Betweenplays and now taking a Real Estate Course…taking calculated Risks can have excellent results and right now I see that once in a lifetime opportunity for me to live that calculated risk once again In Brunswick Exploration Corp).

Brunswick Exploration Corp is my new Neo Lithium and we saw that I rode that stock from 0.36$ to its sale price around 7$!

As John Kaiser says in the video below, “buy now and don’t look back“!

The Macroeconomic variables play a huge part in what affects the Microeconomic and then down to the individual company of choice (my opinion of course).

Without adapting to the Market and staying stagnant, no longer paying attention to your portfolio is the lazy and depressed way out, it is called avoidance.

Sometimes hard decisions have to occur in the Stockmarket in order to move forward, being stagnant and unable to make the big decisions blocks yourself from making serious gains, naturally having a diversified portfolio means having all differing industries and amounts and also types of stocks as in blue chip, dividend stocks etc…but the reality is, not everyone can afford high paying dividend stocks as the average price of such a stock could be very high only getting you a handful of stocks.

This is where you have no choice (IMO) but to find some high risk stocks and hope for some high risk growth, because money makes money.

Now, we can look at many industries but why not look at what makes sense; the EV transition.

If we go back in time, would you not invest in oil when oil was needed for the transition from horse and buggy to vehicles.

The time is NOW to transition from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV) and the lithium supply is horrendous; we NEED 600% more lithium at the moment in order to allow the EV generation to become a reality.

Whether someone believes in global warming is unimportant at this point, what is important, is the fact that the transition is happening and the car manufacturers and Governments around the world have set deadlines; we are at the point of no return and our the biggest obstacle is the Mineral Supply, most specifically Lithium, although other minerals such as Copper, Nickel, Manganese, phosphate and Other Critical Minerals will be needed, it is the Lithium that is needed immediately.

What would you say if I told you that I took a nearly 50,000$ realized loss to get out of a stock (Carnival Cruise Lines), leaving me with 40,000$ cash in hand, then putting that 40,000$ in the next big play to maybe get you ten times the amount?!

What if I told you that according to reading the financial statements of Carnival Cruise lines, the Trailing Twelve Months (TTM), that I seriously had no issues leaving my 100,000$ in Carnival. That I had every confidence that the price level I got in at ($18USD) would cross it again (my opinion) by end of this year and I didn’t have to take that 50,000$ loss.

You see, sometime around March of 2021, I was in a diverse amount of stocks including Brunswick Exploration Corp ($BRW) around 0.21$ and was very comfortable with the companies I had invested in.

I then saw that Carnival Cruise ($CUK) had dropped to 18USD and there was an opportunity to swing trade it, five days later the stock tanked with the economy and dropped to 5.67USD.

I was furious because according to the graphs, Eighteen dollars (18USD) was a stable price floor, but it tanked with the Market! I know, according to my research, the cruising industry is very sensitive to market fluctuations but it dropped pretty fast and I was stuck, I didn’t mind holding onto this one, knowing it will go back up, this is how I do all my Swing Trades. The only thing is, I didn’t expect for it to still be below fifteen dollars (15USD) a year later!

I had went overweight in Carnival Cruise Lines ($CUK) leaving all my plays exposed in order to make 5,000$ on what was to be a short term swing trade.

Fast forward to nearly a year later and now, Brunswick Exploration is picking up the pace, the aggressiveness of the management and entire team to get things done and buying up land packages is absolutely insane, they are relentless and I believe from what I have learned through my dealings with experts in the field such as John Kaiser, we can see some serious money going into Brunswick Exploration Corp in the near future!

I had to make the hard call, do I stay in Carnival and make back my 50,000$ in time, or, do I go for the long ball, but on a set research, I’m not going in blind, I have done the research, the only thing though, this time I have to use what I learned from Timothy Sykes teachings; Minimize Loss and Maximize Gains (T.SYKES)!

I went back to my memory of an American Hedge Fund by Timothy Sykes and knew the losses Sykes took, I decided that everything is pointing to Maximizing my Gains in Brunswick Exploration based on my research and driving factors!

I know that it will take the year in Carnival Cruise Lines to see my average buy in rate, but this may mean missing the ride of seeing Brunswick Exploration Corp hit levels of 2$ or 5$ and lose making a serious amount of money here.

At the end of the day, I don’t expect Carnival to be a 30$ for a while and seeing numbers like 60$ for Carnival will come, but in time, years even! The numbers for Carnival Cruise Lines, once the Cruising Industry recuperates will be reaching previous levels where Carnival can once again start giving out sick Dividends. Then take into consideration their intended growth into China, which Carnival states will be double the USA Market, but this will take time! If it plays out well and all the stars align, we must also take into account the Geopolitics and the fear of Pandemics, we may even see new highs from Carnival Cruise lines with their LNG Electric Ship Technology in time.

BUT, Do I want to miss what can be the next PMET….at 0.34$ and going to 16$ highs!?!

Hell no, not when the world is now looking at Canada and more precisely the James Bay Area of Quebec that is now known for great Spodumene Pegmatites!

John Kaiser in our Interview (Look Above) said it the best, watch what he says about Brunswick Exploration Corp! During the diamond rush in the 1990’s companies were taking notes of the samples that they were getting from the ground but if it wasn’t diamonds they just tossed it to the side, I mean lithium in the 1990’s was basically important to glassware, there was no big money in it.

Today, we have people that have decided that they need to go through all the old archived records of all exploration in the James Bay Area and find those Spodumene Pegmatite samples and buy up that land!

Where are those Spodumene (Lithium) Pegmatites

People In these companies such as Patriot Battery Metals, Brunswick Exploration and Madoro to name a few…are all scrambling to find them all!

Now factor in The James bay area in Quebec Canada has a stable government in place, funding from the local Province and Federal Government in order to attain the green initiative, Canada has signed deals in place with the USA to retain Critical Minerals and The USA has invoking a war act for such minerals, we have the miners in place with generations of experience, we have the technology, we also have a responsibility to get this done as quickly as possible so that we can mine the lithium as we need 600% more lithium!

In my interview with John Kaiser, we talked about a possible hostile takeover or buy out from one of the big boys like Rio Tinto and I’m hearing talk from Influencers in Australia of Mineral Resources LTD ($MIN, (88.40Australian Dollars on the ASX) is interested in buying PMET.

Look for my following interview with “THAT STOCK CHICK”, out Monday February 13 2023!

My Global Network has allowed me to have the luxury of meeting people everywhere, due to Betweenplays and if John is right and my Aussie friends are right, we may have a bidding war on our hands, think about how important Brunswick becomes in this situation; Canada is not the only country looking at the James Bay PMET story unfold, the world is watching an they are all eyes on the James Bay Area for its quality Lithium!

Now, lets assume that PMET does get bought out at an insane price in a bidding war, its all about valuation at this point and if they are bought out, Brunswick Exploration seems to be the next big player in line and if they come out with some serious samples, we can be looking at a 5$ stock in no time and with their huge land packages, we can see the possibility of another PMET story in the near future, its like trying to buy a house in a very sought out area and everyone is bidding on the only house in the area available at the moment, Brunswick seems to be in the best position possible here!

This is why I intend to increase my shares in Brunswick Exploration for every detail I have mentioned above.

If things work out the way John kaiser sees it as per our video and how I am reading this situation, we can see Brunswick possibly going from 5$ to 10$ to anywhere between 10$ and 20$ like PMET, but I urge everyone, no FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in this situation and this is the Stockmarket; we always refer to our Motto here at Betweenplays: Research, Prepare-Plan Execute.

Good luck to all my followers and Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and Telegram page.

Disclaimer: I own shares of Brunswick Exploration Corp and plan on increasing my share amount, I was not paid by the company to write this article!

I am not a financial analyst, this is an opinion peace based on my own research, please seek help of a professional financial analyst when investing! No FOMO and Always Do your own Due Diligence and as we say here at Betweenplays; Research, Prepare-Plan, Execute!

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.