Nio, the question is, when will Nio enter the USA?!? Before we answer that question, let us take a quick look at Nio. Nio is a car company that specializes in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, they have more than one type of vehicle and in my opinion (IMO) every one of them is awesome to look at and I also enjoy the wide range of vehicles they offer for a company in its infancy.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Nio was founded in November 2014 by Mister William Li , Nio is a young company but from its very beginnings they have participated in the Formula E (Formula racing with EV’s only). The Nio race team was founded in 2013 with its inaugural season in 2014 in Formula E, (click here for the Nio 333 FE site and click here for Formula E news). (Click here for Nio Wiki).

Sometimes as we research topics to create articles for our website or to create YouTube content, we get overloaded with the same old information and we’re constantly looking for that one piece of the puzzle that adds importance or more weight to the topic and sometimes we get surprised by what we find. To be completely honest, I did not know the Formula E existed; Formula racing is the breeding ground of vehicle innovation, as they did to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, they will now continue this under electric vehicles, nor did I know that Nio has…let us just hold on to that a little longer!

How long to Swap a battery

Sorry about that, I have to talk about the swapping stations before ending the article because too many people say it takes 30 minutes to swap a battery and others say it takes 15 minutes to swap a battery and it has been nothing less than a guessing game on forums, chatrooms and groups. Well, we decided to settle that argument once and for all and this is why we just can not overlook the swapping stations; we should be clear about one thing, swapping stations is serious innovation. Everyone is trying to throw a bolt of lightning in electric vehicles, whereas Nio said, let us just swap your dying battery out for a fully charged battery instead at any point in your driving experience and we will also equip the vehicles with charging capabilities too.

As of august 2020, Nio has built 143 swapping stations across 64 cities in China, especially linking cities through swapping stations along their highways and have completed over 800,000 battery swaps and guess how long it takes to “swap a battery“, 5 MINUTES!

In our northern cold climate, being able to get a full battery charge in only 5 minutes is a game changer for those in a rush and for those with children going from city to city in the USA, Canada or anywhere really in the world and imagine if Nio ever designed a motor home with this technology, travelling can be done efficiently with very little cost and imagine, Nio is looking to bring their 5 minute charge to 3 minute swap stations, insane!!

Some Tech

According to several sources on the internet, (all you would have to do is upload videos or articles across multiple platforms to find out that) Nio is a top notch vehicle with excellent technology, for example; through the Nio Pilot, you get lane changing, lane departure warning, highway pilot, emergency braking and more, there’s also trifocal camera, radars and ultrasonic sensors too; in November of 2019 Nio partnered with Mobileye to complete a level 4 self driving system to be sold to consumers in 2022 and lets not forget our interactive Nomi. We could go on about the interior technology and interactive stations but why bother when the next bit of news is so important we don’t really need to go into all this now.

Analyst Forecast

According to 17 analysts forecast over the next 12 months a price range that puts Nio at a median of 155.80, a high of 393.48 and a low estimate of 52.46, as of today the stock is going at 53.51…and imo1 this is only the beginning, we’re bullish on Nio.

Ok, I can go on forever talking about Nio because they have very nice cars and are definitely a piece of the EV industry and imo they’ll be a big piece of the industry…now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…


Yes they do have a footprint in the USA, they are located on the corner of Montague and First in San Jose California, look at the video below; we then investigated the intersection with google maps (look below), Nio is on that exact corner!

For all those investors out there always asking the question of when will Nio enter the US market, we can only assume under a Biden Presidency that Nio should start rolling out vehicles soon enough, and imo we should also see a stock price closer to the higher end of what the 17 analysts stated above.

Watch Video!!!

Nio in the USA

This is the actual address of that exact corner on the video!

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By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.