We witnessed some of the most remarkable and incomprehensible, shocking times ever, we are living in an era that the United States has issues bigger internally than externally if that’s even possible, factors they’ve had to challenge because of what’s going on inside of it, it’s unimaginable and very dangerous in many ways.

Whats happening in the USA at the moment is not good for the world and Canada’s big brother, the beacon of democracy, the beacon of freedom as portrayed through The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France on October 28, 1886 to embody exactly that. An unstable USA will not only have an affect on the market but what could happen in the USA, “the hypothetical”, is very worrisome, we definitely pray that the USA can unite and stay the symbol of hope and freedom for hundreds, if not thousands of years to come.

Since 2016 we have seen unfold under our eyes fake news, a soaring Stockmarket, the manipulation of media, social media deletion, the internets new found power that can make a persons career or break a persons career, covid19 surging infections and deaths, shutdowns, mandatory face masks, Stockmarket crash, oil at -35 dollars a barrel, a surge in millennials in the stock market also known as “Robinhooders”, a vaccine promise come and go and come back again only immediately after an election that has more questions marks surrounding it than a where’s Waldo hardcover and since this vaccine was made during the Trump era but may be unleashed during the Biden era, do we still not trust it, well that would be totally illogical?!


Biden Presidency!

Mr President Elect Joe Biden is into the renewable energy sector and in his campaign debate against President Trump, he says that he will no longer subsidize Oil because they pollute and that the government doesn’t subsidize solar and wind so why oil, he plans on returning to the Paris Accord Agreement and that’s inline with millennials and a high percentage of the general population and President Elect Biden has a good relationship with China; this creates for an easy open and shut case when it comes to investing; lithium, nickel, electric vehicles (EV’s), Telehealth or stocks like WIMI and such..

Trump Four more years Presidency!

When it comes to President Donald Trump we’re looking at plays like oil, Suncor for example and American made, I would definitely get out of Chinese stocks since Tariffs will most probably be imposed, of course EV stocks are still a safe play but make it Ford and local EV’s since they will make a better play on the American Stock Exchange under a Trump Presidency in the short term but Chinese stocks will still grow in the long term..

USA and China relations!?!

What happens if President Trumps claims the office for another four years or President Elect Biden takes the office; with a President Trump re-election, we can almost foresee an economical war with China and an all out on media, especially social media but if Biden maintains the present count and is the new President, we can see a more open relationship with China and social media.

Which one will lift the Market!

Now don’t get me wrong in either case, the stock market should do well in certain sectors and in certain stocks, especially if a vaccine is available and a semblance of normalcy were thrust into our lives, cruise line and airline stocks will soar as will all sectors of the tourism industry from booking vacations to the hotel, casino and resorts, its inevitable, even Movie theatre stocks will get out of the trenches, the stock market will soar because the hard hit industries are so low that nearly anyone could be elected and the market will do well, because the office isn’t the issue when it comes to these stocks within the Dow at the moment, its COVID19 and a lack of a vaccine, the increase in deaths and a way to get rid of it, because once a vaccine is out and easily available, those hard hit sectors will lift the Dow, irrespective of who’s in office in the short term but then we’ll have to deal with the national and world debt.

What will happen to the Nasdaq once a vaccine is out, in our opinion; the Nasdaq capital will shift into the hard hit sectors as we saw on November 9th 2020 because those hard hit sectors allow for massive growth and the potential of reaching new highs, once those sectors are played out the market, it will then correct itself as people will take their profits and put capital in stocks paying out great dividends or go towards growth sectors in emerging industry with the potential for high growth such as renewable energy or telemedicine but we should remain cautious because of the potentially looming crash when not comes to debt.

click image for USA government election website
Click Image for Presidential Election Process

But right now we’re in a state of limbo, Election Day was on November 3rd 2020, and the news media brought us coverage of it as usual, the counting of ballots from the elections office counts, but it isn’t official, that’s right, it isn’t official. The official count is on December 1st 2020, this time it may have a different outcome; The Supreme Court of America may conclude in a judgement to disallow certain mail in, absentee, ballots. This would be very serious not only for the 2020 election but for all future elections because that judgement would now become jurisprudence for all future elections to follow. At the moment, the republicans are drawing up serious legal allegations because of the way the ballots were handled, last minute decisions based on the coronavirus has allowed certain ballots to be cast in a certain way not done before and only when the courts have had their final say will the official count by the elections office on December 1st state who is The President of the United States of America; we can’t sleep on this because the stock market will shift and individuals stocks may crash or rocket.

What do we do!?!

How do we gauge where to put our money; there’s always market resistant stocks, they are a good place to start like Amazon was in the year 2000, those stocks leading a better or more efficient way of doing things that hold great potential such as telemedicine and renewable energy or the EV industry or cash is king.

A Clearer Picture will reveal itself!!!

All we know is this, the uncertainty in the USA’s political election is having a yoyo affect on the market, add a Covid Vaccine which may or may not be available depending on logistics and that uncertainty can show us a a few weeks of turmoil right up until December 1st, try not to blink because this is the most insane roller coaster ride of your life when it comes to the Market and only on December 1st will you have a clearer picture. After this point, the following months will show us what will transpire in the USA and to the Pfizer’s covid19 vaccine and this is the key, once a vaccine is out, the hard hit sectors should do well and a sense of normalcy will be set upon the world!

Today is November 11th 2020 and we wish to thank all those that served and fought for our freedom, Happy Veterans Day.

By Albert Laurin

CEO/Founder, Content Creator and Commentary writer for Betweenplays StockMarket & Crypto Strategies. Lead author for Betweenplays since August 2020.